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Totally Should’ve Tag

Hi Virtual Readers! Today the fabulous Alexa tagged me for the Totally Should’ve tag, which looks pretty fun, and hence I am going to do it. In other news the last food I ate was ice-cream mixed with wild (read: grows on weedy vine in backyard and collected by small sister) berries. No I am not random at all.

Totally Should’ve Gotten a Sequel

I legitimately cannot think of any. But the first 3 Mortal Instruments should have stopped there, is something I know I have said several times before.

Totally Should’ve Got a Spin-Off series

The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. These books had such, such great world building it’s just a waste not to. He promised he would ‘return to Alagasia’ (probably misspelling it), and he HASN’T and we need more books about dragons basically.


This author totally should write more

They may write more, but I LOVED the Ingo series by Helen Dunmore, and also more from Markus Zusak please (yes I have taken several book their photos recently that are similar. I don’t know why so don’t question it)


Totally Should’ve ended up with someone else

This is hard. But Lara Jean from ‘To all the Boys I’ve loved before’ should not end up with anyone, so I’m going to say that ‘nobody’ counts as ‘someone else’ in this case. Someone should totally tell that girl she’s too awesome for any of those boys she likes.

Totally should’ve ended differently

Allegiant. You can’t just do this to people, Veronica Roth! You hear me? On the other hand,  I liked the realisticness. Also any book that ends with ‘it was just a dream’ (can’t think of any examples but it is so annoying. If the book isn’t even real to the MC, how can it make the audience care?

Totally Should’ve Had a Movie Franchise

WAIT. This entire tag makes no sense! Why is it in past tense! These books may get sequels or the authors might write more(unless they’re dead, in which case they certainly won’t)  or they might write spinoffs (Carry On is a good spinoff and no that is not a tangent). I mean endings of books and cover changes should be addressed in past tense but I am going to now rename this tag the ‘totally should’ tag because I can.

What were we discussing? Movie franchises. Well, I generally don’t think that movie franchises improve books with very few exceptions (these exceptions being, in my opinion, Bridge to Terabithia and Paper Towns). Also Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie didn’t deserve it’s book at all.

Totally Should Have a TV show

I’m probably inspired by Once Upon a Time, which I just started watching, but if they (meaning the movie producers) don’t totally mess up everything like they probably would, The Lunar Chronicles could be pretty darn cool.(With a cameo by my panda-decorated laptop!)



Totally Should’ve had one PoV

Waves by Sharon Dogar. This was a really interesting book, but there were 2 characters points of view from two different times (they were siblings, which was cool) but one of the characters was in a coma so her having a point of view made no sense. People in a coma don’t really have very interesting things to say, I will claim from absolutely zero personal experience.


Totally Should Have a Cover Change

I’m not much of a designer and I usually approve of the covers. But the first edition covers of Artemis Fowl are very ugly and I am glad they changed those covers.  Also I think The Mortal Instruments looks better now.


Totally Shouldn’t have had a cover change

I liked the old Code Name Verity and Anna and the French Kiss covers better.

Totally Should have stopped reading

I’m not a ‘I must finish this book or else’ kind of person generally so like Alexa if I dislike a book I’ll just stop reading this.

Totally shouldn’t have prejudged

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison. I’ve seen these in my library for years and I totally judged them but Shanti read the first one a while ago and it was hilarious and then I stopped feeling ashamed about reading something with such an inane title (google it: the titles get worse). These books have zero meaning but are also freaking hilarious and a lot more about growing up than snogging. Also if you want to be in denial about silly and insignificant things like exams and become engrossed in the very important thoughts of the most vapid 14 year old on the planet then these are perfect because they will in no way make you question who you are or the way you see the world.

I tag Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books!

Have you read any of these books? Did you like them? What was the last thing you ate? What book to movie franchises are actually good? Have your watched Once Upon a Time (because you should.)






17 thoughts on “Totally Should’ve Tag

  1. I would agree that it might be fun to spend more time in Alagaesia, but I’m not sure where exactly the story would be. I wouldn’t want it to be a prequel series, because I think that would be kind of ridiculous. I think I’d much prefer hearing a story from the POV of one of the Urgals or a child who lived in Galbatorix’s realm. I’d need it to be not stereotypical and thus ridiculous, you know?


    1. Oh yes I would super super love to hear something from the Urgals. They aren’t very round in the book but that would be so interesting. Books about the next generation of dragon riders or Arya and firnen (because they are basically the best) would be amazing. But i agree there’s a lot of space for ‘stereotypical and ridiculous’ as you say, and there’s a lot of expectation, wouldn’t you say ?


  2. Interesting you bring up Paolini. I read the first three Inheritance book and just couldn’t bring myself to finish the series. I actually have no idea what he’s been up to since.


    1. Actually, Inheritance was really good, but sad, but I really liked the way it ended. I googled him and it doesn’t really look like he’s done anything since then, which is strange.


  3. You know, I actually preferred the second half of the TMI books overall to the first three haha. Mostly because Sebastian was a creepier villain. It didn’t need to drag on for another three books though.

    The Lunar Chronicles would make an amazing tv show! It would be so much fun to watch.


    1. Okay so it looks like we’re going to have to start some kind of petition to get a Lunar Chronicles TV show (and yes, I know that isn’t how it worked). To be honest I’ve basically forgotten who sebastian was but I’m just going to take you word for his creepiness and busy myself with better books. Thanks for commenting!


  4. YAY , you did the tag! 😀

    Yes, the Mortal Instruments books definitely should’ve ended after book 3. In fact, I stopped reading after the third book, because I didn’t see how there could be any point to the series after it.

    AND ALLEGIANT!! I’d forgotten about that one, but yes. Definitely should’ve ended differently.

    And lol, I hadn’t thought about it that way, but you’re right. For a lot of these, it actually should be the “totally should tag.”



    1. *hi fives for giving up on TMI* Allegian was so so sad, but hey, thats okay. It kind of made sense, but then I was just angry with Tris for being stupid. Tenses are very important, Alexa, I think you should agree 😀 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I would love it if Markus Zusak wrote more books too! I loved The Book Thief so much, and I really look forward to more of this novels 😛 ALSO, THE LUNAR CHRONICLES WOO ❤ I would want a TV series because I would literally binge-watch it if it would happen HAHA. Great tag! I loved reading through your answers!

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books


    1. the problem with a TV series is that you would have to wait for each one to come out and that would be torture. the other option would be to wait until they were all out but then that would also involve torturous waiting. The book thief was so so so good. Thank you, Jillian!


  6. First of all…how did I not realise you guys had a new blog. I AM SO EXCITED.

    Second of all…yes to Ingo and Eragon. Two of my favourite series EVER. Although actually I think there IS a spin-off book and for the life of me I can’t remember what it is…


    1. Isn’t it beautiful? When we first change our design I would keep reloading the page just to look at it. Most book bloggers haven’t read Ingo, but I loved it. There’s a spinoff? Why have I not read this yet?


  7. Omg I love this tag!!! IT IS AWESOME. And I totally wish Markus Zusak would write more like The Book Thief. I guess living up to something like that would be hard?!? Also John Green. I knoooow he’s under so much pressure, but I wish he’d write another book.
    I think the Hunger Games movie franchise was EXCELLENT. And I adored the first Maze Runner movie (I haven’t seen the rest) and Perks of Being a Wallflower. :’)
    (Aaaand I just ate eggs and toast for breakfast. 😂)


    1. Eggs and toast are a good breakfast. I think John Green is working on another book, actually, but I don’t think it’s going to be published anytime soon (this information is from watching vlogbrothers so *shrugs*) I liked the Hunger games movies (i actually haven’t seen the last one) although I thought mocking jay needed more plot (favourite scene was finnick talking with the roses. No competition) And I need to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the Maze Runner. Thank you Cait!


  8. Oh I’m going to talk about Lara Jean again, but yes, she deserves better than those two guys, she’s TOO awesome. I agree with you about Allegiant as well, it was realistic, and I liked it for that, but it didn’t prevent me from SCREAMING and crying and just being mad, ahah. I LOVED Bridge to Terabithia, I didn’t read the book but I loved the movie so, so much! Should I read the book then anyway, or not….?
    Thank you so much for tagging me! 😀


    1. *whispers* I actually watched the movie first. It was so good. And Bridge To Terabithia was filmed in new zealand #nationalpride. Why are you doing this Tris? You should stop being realistic! Thank you Marie

      Liked by 1 person

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