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Mini Reviews||

Hi Virtually Readers! Recently I have read quite a few books, and I am lazy, so you get not-full reviews of them. Also, Shanti and I have had mock exams, so we’ve been just a little busy and so we haven’t been able to comment as much. 

The Catcher In the Rye || 4 stars41ulguksrxl-_sx299_bo1204203200_

I read this in my attempt to make myself read non-YA. I actually really enjoyed it. Not a lot happened, but I LOVED Holden’s voice, the irony as he called all these people ‘phony’ and was himself, and his confusion. It was basically like the first YA coming of age novel basically. I just liked the premise and the way it was carried out and the voice and everything.

To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before || 4 stars

to-all-the-boys-ive-loved-before-coverWhile this book sounds shallow I really, really liked it. To me, it wasn’t about the boys (although they were plenty of boys) and I didn’t really ship the romance. But to me it was about family and sisters and moving on. It was about how sometimes things that seem fake are real (so Hamlet… don’t pretend to be mad okay?) I totally empathised with Lara Jean’s character because apart from the boys she’s basically me. She liked reading and tidying stuff and just staying at home rather than going out all the time and stuff. It felt realistic and the opposite of any manic-pixie-dream-girl novel and I just really liked it. YA needs more family Christmas Cookie Bonanzas in my opinion.

Bookishly Ever After || 3 stars21018154

So I enjoyed this… but I didn’t really find it that special. It was just fun and light, and I needed that because I didn’t want to study, but it didn’t seem to bring any new ideas. There was the introverted character like Cath in Fangirl who likes reading (but I liked how she also did archery and played the flute- flute players ftw!- and knitted). I liked Phoebe, but I didn’t really connect to her. (read: I kept forgetting her name, perhaps due to reading this back to back with ‘To All The Boys…’ ) I didn’t find the romance special in any way, although it WAS cute. But what annoyed me most is how she thought she had to be someone else to get the boy, and she never changed her mind. JUST BE YOURSELF OKAY! Like, why would you want to be with someone who made you someone else? I guess I found it cute but just not something I could fully get behind. *shrugs*

That’s all for now! Have you read any of these? Do you try to read non-YA books? Do you have any soul-sucking ,time-wasting difficult exams? Have you read any books that sound like a copy of other books?




15 thoughts on “Mini Reviews||

  1. I am a little confused because Catcher in the Rye is pretty much a YA novel so… yeah. I mean, he’s a teen, so that is where that fits in I guess? Still, glad you enjoyed it—I know it is hard for some people to appreciate. 😛


    1. I guess I expected it to be deep because it’s kind of a classic as well as being YA? I thought it was just super awesome, even if I don’t know why. (why ..A ? okay that just amused me)


  2. I’d seen “To All The Boys…” around but had originally written it off because of the title. After reading your review, though, I might try it out. 🙂

    And yeah, I totally get how you feel about that last one. I actually just finished reading a book today that I enjoyed, but I already know I’ll forget before too long. It wasn’t /bad/ and I wouldn’t even call it light, but for me, there were only a few particularly memorable elements.



    1. Well if you do read To All the Boys I’d love to know what you think! But yeah, it’s annoying when a book just feels like it has the same elements of a typical story combined in a new way. I hope you find some more interesting books to read!

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  3. This makes me want to read To All the Boys SO SO MUCH!! I have it on reserve at the library but gahhh, it’s taking FOREVER to come in. I need. :’) And noooo, I pretty much read 98% YA these days! I mean, I try to occasionally read an adult book? But I don’t do so well with classics. I read a YA book that was supposed to be “the new Catcher in the Rye!” but I hated it, hehe, so I’m not sure if I should try the original or not. :O


    1. Patience, Cait. Good things (like To All the Boys) come to those who wait. *hands out cake in the mean time* If you like plot and characters who do stuff…. DON’T read the Catcher In the Rye (and I feel like you kind of are a plot fan) But it DOES have good characters! I do love YA, but I’m trying to challenge myself (and my vocabulary) by reading non-YA with mixed results. 😀


  4. Great reviews! I really liked To all The Boys I’ve Loved Before, because just like you said, this girl bakes and likes to stay home, and there’s a great emphasis on family, that’s why I loved it so much. I wanted to read Bookishly Ever After for a while now, but I’m still undecided, I’m glad it was still an entertaining read for you! 🙂


    1. Thank you! It seems we agree about Lara Jean 🙂 She was just such a round character. I think you would like Bookishly Ever After because I know you like contemporaries and your bookish obviously and it seems like a Marie kind of book. ❤

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