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Book Page Art

On Valentines day, Shanti, a friend, and I, did some crafts. I made a Daughter of Smoke and Bone bookmark (which I currently can’t find- it’s probably been swallowed by the bookmark monster) and I made this bookish art. Later it occurred to me that other members of the blookunity may be DYING to do something with all those book pages they don’t want, and I knew a how-to guide was in order. Since this was an afterthought, some of the photos aren’t very accurate because I had already, say written the quote. Also, this kind of how to guid is super-flexible to a LOT of adaptation.

Book Page Art

This is what I did with Passage To India



craft materials

  • An unwanted book page or two (I used one from a destroyed  well-loved Harry Potter 5 that had already fallen out. I think we have two copies of that book… On the other side I used a piece of Passage To India, which I got for free and probably won’t read again. I tried to quell the feelings of guilt.)If you live in places with good second hand/thrift/op shops, they often sell books for super cheap. The only problem is they’re often the sort nobody would want to read, so they’re perfect for art like this.
  • Paper glue (i.e, a glue stick)
  • PVA glue (the white stuff that comes in a bottle) (optional)
  • A base- a piece of card, say, or paper that you can stick the page to. I used a chunk of cardboard that had washed up in my room.
  • A paintbrush(optional)
  • Some kind of embellishment, such as a heart (Get in the Valentine’s spirit, right?) (optional)
  • A favourite quote from a book (if it’s the book you’re ripping up, that’s good) (optional)
  • Pens for writing aforementioned quote (guess what? optional too)
  • Miscellaneous pieces of paper/card (like what I used for the brackets surrounding my quote)


  1. Get the book page, the base and the paper glue. Rip pieces from the book page one by one and glue them in their relative position (I recommend starting from the corner and making your way out.) You can rip the page up first, then glue it, but doing it one-by-one helps you to know where to put each piece. For a different look you could cut the book page into pieces instead. Personally, I prefer the rougher edges, but just do whatever you prefer.
  2. Mix the PVA glue with a little bit of water in a small bowl, then paint this mixture over the base. This will help any miscellaneous pieces to stick and give your creation a pleasant shiny appearance.
  3. Read or take bookish photographs while you wait for your glaze to dry. If you want you could make embellishments to glue on the page or find some really awesome quote.DSC02838DSC02848
  4. It’s time to be creative! Stick embellishments on top of the ripped-out page, or write an amazing quote and glue that on. Stick stickers! Write some bookish message like ‘read’ or ‘my book ate my homework’ or ‘#1 Library fan’
  5. If you’re sure you’re done, you can paint another layer of glaze on top of all the interesting things you just stuck to help them stay stuck and again, give a nice shiny ‘finished’ appearance.
  6. Clean up. (I know, it’s terrible). Rinse out your paintbrush (because trust me, you don’t want dried glue on it next time you want to paint something.), put lids on pens, put your pieces of paper away.
  7. Decide where to display your amazing bookish creation. (Which I still haven’t done, actually)

Could you bear to rip a book page up? (I felt guilty too. But I was still pleased with the  result). Do you think you’re going to try this? What’s your favourite bookish quote? What did you do on Valentine’s day?

9 thoughts on “Book Page Art

  1. AHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! And I adore making art out of old books. Although I legit had someone rip into me about it on instagram once. *winces* But I mean, there are HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS of books out there that no one wants and that smell bad and that are perfect for crafts. I’m not even going to be sorry about using them. XD Anyway, I love what you’ve done here! SO CUTE.


    1. Thank you! THAT PERSON OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT.(though seriously, that’s terrible. You can love books but they’re not holy or anything. I think this helps me appreciate books more/display my love of reading rather than disrespecting it or anything.)


    1. Poor HP2! It’s obviously been very well loved 😀 To me, artistic include s writing and photography and drawing (which is so not my strong point) and musicality, and at least with the writing and photography, I think you’re pretty artistic! However, I’ve done a lot of craft so I think it’s something that takes practice.


  2. I would maybe consider doing this with a book I don’t like. XD I could definitely see turning something with such words into something beautiful… in fact, that sounds like something right up my alley. Thanks for the tutorial, Shar!


    1. Passage to India was a book I didn’t love enough to want to keep. (I had to read it for English, and they got new copies so we got to keep the old ones). If you do decide to try it, I’d love to see the results 🙂


  3. I actually do have some book pages flying about from books that are completely destroyed … and there are also books I never really will read again so there’s that. You know, you ought to start an Etsy shop or something for book art 😛 I probably won’t try this myself in the near future since I’m not much of a crafts person, but I would love to see more book page art from you!


    1. Thank you! Craft is something that takes practice, and I’ve been lucky to get a lot of that in my life. But you could always just pin up the page if you really liked it- this page was on our family noticeboard until I decided it needed a better home. I like the idea of an easy shop, but I don’t have time and currently don’t need money to live on 🙂


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