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New Zealand Book Haul

Hi there Virtually Readers (sorry. Our new name has endless punning oppourtunnity) Shar and I spent the last two months in New Zealand (and Australia for a little bit) which was A-MAZ-ING because a) no school, b) summer, c) friends and family, d) libraries, e) food, f) bookshops, and g) the ocean. We both read a lot and we also accumulated many books. (It just happened, it wasn’t our fault). Obviously, all these books warranted a bookshelf reorganisation and some pretty pictures. So behold.

(also this is what it looks like outside our house right now. SNOOOOWWW )


bookshelves 13 feb

Anna and the Swallow Man: We have a friend who owns a bookshop. She gave us this ARC (and a bunch of others, which was amazing of her) I’m really excited to read this, though I’ve seen some negative reviews.

Cloudwish: Our cousin gave Shar a bookshop voucher for Christmas (and unleashed a monster on the world basically) Cloudwish sounds awesome!

The Girl with All the Gifts: I’ve heard that this alternative zombie novel is awesome, and Shar has confirmed it. She bought this while encountering a 12 hour plane delay in Sydney airport (Which was when I bought Illuminae at the other terminal… great minds)

A Mad, Wicked Folly: Awesome historical fiction about the Suffragette movement? Heck yes. I also got this at The Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop.

Passenger: I was in the mall with (another) cousin a few days before Passenger’s actual release date. Yet it was there. I purchased it gleefully. I’m currently 100 pages in and loving it so far!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Yes, I’ve already read this. But Shar hadn’t and I had to enlighten her. Plus I like the purple shiny cover. I got this at a secondhand bookshop, which (get this) had a bookshop cat. Is that awesome or what?

The Revive Cafe Cookbook: This was a Christmas present from my mum. It’s amazing. If you like healthy (verging on paleo) vegetarian food that tastes good, you should check it out.

The Mandala Colouring book: Oh look, Indian/ Buddhist symbols have been appropriated for Westerner’s latest trend in entertainment. Sarcasm aside, this was also a gift, and I’ve been really enjoying colouring.

I also purchased/was given The Eyre AffairHalf WildThe Messenger BirdA Thousand NightsIlluminaeAbhorsen while in New Zealand/Australia. But I had read them already, so I was told that they had to stay, which is something I’ll be glad about later, but not now *small sobbing noises*

So do our bookshelves have any titles in common? which of these do I need to get to asap? tell me in the comments.

6 thoughts on “New Zealand Book Haul

  1. I am reading the sequel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone and I am loving it quite desperately… muy muy muy muy muy much. Indeed. SO. I hope that it gets good and worn out at your house because I have no copies at mine. 😦


    1. Shar’s reading it right now and she’s liking it (she better love it or else…) I do feel like our copy is well loved because I bought it second hand. (and oh my gosh I love the UK trade paperback covers) Days of blood and star light is amazing I hope you love it to bits 🙂


    1. Yes I know. I need to read alllllll the things (and, y’know, deal with four AP’s a ridiculous amount of extracurriculars and the general travails of being a junior high school student) She’s my mum’s friend actually, but it’s pretty amazing and makes me happy. (also, discounts)

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