How to lose a bookmark

By Shar

Firstly, I got my own wordpress account! This’ll help you know the author of the post/comment. It foretells of other changes afoot on weavingwaveswords. Anyway, the full title of this post SHOULD be : How to lose a bookmark: an illustrated guide from a self-proclaimed expert with bonus solutions.

How to Lose a Bookmark

1.Go outside to read. Take bookmark out. Read as you return inside. Leave bookmark in the dangerous, wild outdoors.


2. Keep it in a library book and return the book and the bookmark to the library.


3. Accidentally let it fly out the car (or other moving vehicle) window.


4. Take it out, finish the book and leave it where you left it.


5. Have it blown away while reading and walking.


6.Have it fall out of you book while it is being taken somewhere.


7. Use it for 2 books at once, then have it mysteriously swallowed by the bookmark monster.


8. Leave it at school/work/other place you should not be reading but do anyway.

9.Leave it in the bus/someone else’s house where it can NEVER be found again. (the last two are impossible to illustrate)

10. Get it chewed by the dog.


Solutions in lieu of lost bookmark

  1. Use the newspaper.  Let’s be honest, nobody cares about what happened in the real world today anyway.



2.  Spinebreak. You may feel crude, but it does work.


3. Use a random piece of paper you find lying around.

4. Remember the page number. This doesn’t work on forgetful munchkins like myself.


5.  Use a pencil case/belt/pen. Effective but not great for the book.


6. Use the dog. It won’t work.DSC02741 7. Finish the book so you don’t need one. This is like THE PERFECT SOLUTION. You say you have better things to do? You’re wrong.


8.  Use a leaf. The chlorophyll might stain the pages.

9. Use your hand. Useful when reading will resume very shortly.DSC02731.JPG10. Dog ear. NO NO NO THIS IS EVIL (but there’s a photo anyway.)


Have you ever done any of these, blookunity? Have you ever used any of these coping strategies? Ever had success with the dog? What is you most traumatic bookmark-losing story?

14 thoughts on “How to lose a bookmark

  1. I totally just use whatever is around me as a bookmark, haha! That way when they get lost, I don’t even care. But, to be honest, a lot of times I also just turn over the book and engage in spinebreak. Books are meant to be broken, in my opinion. 🙂 This is a lovely post, Shar! (Where did you get all those awesome bookmarks, anyway?)


    1. Thank you! Shanti or I made the bookmarks, but I actually do spine break quite often or use a random piece of paper because I’m just not responsible enough for nice bookmarks. 🙂


  2. 8. Throw bookmark at a sibling. I don’t even need a reason. Solution: use sibling as a bookmark.
    Your dog is so adorable. 🙂


    1. Actually it’s my grandma’s in NZ. My dog is a lot better at sitting still 🙂 (we’re home now btw) But I am so with you on the sibling thing! Brilliant, Anna 😀


  3. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. XDXD And omg, I’m horrible with bookmarks. I get such nice ones and then my dog just goes and eats the, omg how daaaare he. Right now I have like a “bookmark” box and I’m doing my best to be careful with them. BUT SERIOUSLY BOOKMARKS ARE TRICKY FIENDS. I love the pictures in this post. You’re cracking me up.

    (And omg changes afoot?!? I’m excited!!)


    1. Yes, changes, although we have to get around to them. I’m glad you like the pictures! Your dog is terrible. He needs training to BRING you bookmarks, not EAT them.


    1. Thank you! I had one bookmark that just stayed in the book… then it somehow got wet and died. I sometime remember pages but then I can’t really be depended on to remember it very well. May your bookmarks never be lost.


    1. That would be so sad. I admit I have used a boarding pass as a bookmark several times recently. Then I lost it 😦 Thank you. The dog was a terrible bookmark. He could barely stay still so that phot was very challenging to take.

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