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New Zealand is like Lord of the Rings (i.e, magical)

By Shar

This is the post in which you will be bombarded with photos. Additionally, you get a pros and cons list of the trip (tramping/trekking/hiking/walking)  I went on in which all these photos were taken.

This mountain (with the double hump) is called Gloriana. How magical does that sound?


Pro: Beautiful outdoors (as seen above)

Con: Beautiful outdoors deciding to rain when it wasn’t supposed to.

Pro: Getting to read (and finishing a book- The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet) due to being stuck in tent because of rain.

Con: Tent leaked. Wet sleeping bag, wet thermarest, tent which could be advertised as ‘cold indoor swimming pool’.

Pro: Going on a scavenger hunt with 2 6/7 year olds.

Con: Being stuck in small tent with three 6/7 year olds who have far too much energy. Suffering through the world’s most excruciating game of Last Card (uno) that went on for far, far too long.

Pro: Rain stopping when we start walking.

Pro: Snacks (CHOCOLATE, muesli bars (that’s granola bars for Americans), crackers, nuts)

Con: Coldness persisting.

Pro: Beautiful camping site.

Con: No water at campsite.

How evil does this slime look? It’s definitely out of a fantasy novel.


All the other flower photos were taken in the sunlight the day before. This is what the tarn (mountain lake) we camped next to looked like when we left. There was basically no visibility.


Pro: Lots of grass to amuse aforementioned 6/7 year olds. They make slides down the hill and a grass museum with lots of things made out of grass.

Con: Deciding to read Never Always Sometimes only to discover that you’re on the last page. (This, I believe, is a disadvantage of e readers.)

Pro: More beautiful nature and no more rain.

Con: Lack of wifi.

Pro: Getting to the road end and having an amazing picnic with food from a supermarket and fresh fruit.


Honeysuckle flowers (also entirely unedited)
Trees draped with lichen
snowberries (I think)
Lichen in a bush
Beech forest

Do you like the outdoors? (more importantly, would you sacrifice wifi for outdoors?) What beautiful nature is near you? Does this look magical? (and there is only one answer to that) What do you do in your holidays?


15 thoughts on “New Zealand is like Lord of the Rings (i.e, magical)

  1. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the outdoors, but this… this is just so pretty. Like, wow.

    And yes, that’s one of the few things I dislike about e-reading: it can be kind of weird trying to tell where you are in a book, and I like to know these things as I’m reading.



  2. *whispers* But isn’t New Zealand Middle Earth or why would they have filmed LOTR there in the first place?

    Your pictures are so beautiful, though! It does seem like a pretty magical setting, and even if there were some cons, I hope that the pros made it well worth them all. 🙂


  3. AHHHHHH!! The pictures are so beautiful! 😍 When I visited some relatives in NZ, we didn’t do much sightseeing — it was winter and the weather was dismal and dreary. :/ But I hope to go there more often! Also NZ is basically Middle-Earth, so what person wouldn’t want to visit?


    1. Exactly! Summer is definitely the best weather in NZ. Which cities did you go to? The South Island is prettier. Just sayin’ NZ has awful weather. AWFUL I tell you. Which does make for pretty cloud photos every once in a while.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah! My family usually travels during summer vacation (June through mid-August), but since the seasons are reversed, it’s always winter when we visit. 😭 My relatives live in Auckland, so that’s where we stayed for most of the trip. 🙂 And yep clouds do sometimes make for good photos!


  4. Can we talk about how gorgeous these are??? Ohmygod. THIS IS MIDDLE EARTH. I admit I was a little doubtful at first, but thisss. Also, I had no idea the sky was capable of being THIS pretty. Your trip sounds like so much fun – I want to go to New Zealand now. Free outdoor wifi also really needs to be a thing *nods*


  5. oh my GOODNESS these are so gorgeous! It is really Middle-Earth-like. I would NOT sacrifice wifi for nature, though, because I can see nature through wi-fi! Example: this post. (haha, they’re not the same though, but I am a city girl!) I studied during the holidays for my exams. I know, so magical 😛


  6. THIS DOES LOOK SO MAGICAL, HOLY WOW. I want to go to New Zealand. Because I want to go to Middle Earth, obviously, and I know what’s up. NZ is just hiding the fact that it’s truly Middle Earth. *nods* I love love love these pictures. LICHEN. ❤ I used to live near really gorgeous rainforests and it was really sad when we moved. We kind of just live in an average Aussie urban area now? The hills ARE pretty, but not mountainous enough to be gorgeous, imo. STILL. I have a great view down a valley from my bedroom, so I'm not complaining. xD

    Also: yes outdoors needs wifi. Then I might actually go out there.


    1. I KNOW RIGHT! We have all these mundane cities so that we don’t get bombarded with tourists like yourself. Valleys are nice, but Australia doesn’t really do high mountains, does it? (I mean, I could be wrong, but you can DRIVE up your highest mountain?) Rainforests sound amazing, I wish I had more in my life. WHY ISN’T WIFI EVERYWHERE? The world really needs to correct this fallacy.


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