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Liebster Award (again)

By Shar

I know both Shanti and I have already got Liebster awards, but we got nominated again (by Beth! Thank you, Beth!), and I haven’t done a tag for ages, and why not? There are rules, but most people know them, so I’ll just obey them.

liebster award

1. Where do you blog?

I usually blog in my room, which is where I keep my computer. Right now I’m not at home,  so I’m sitting on the dining room table. I occasionally wander outside or around while taking bookish photos for posts.

2. Do you have any festive plans?

This question was written before Christmas, and it’s now after. I have no idea about christmas this year, but last year I went for a walk with my family (which evolved into a run along the shore by myself) hung out with my extended family at a bach (that’s a beach house for people who don’t speak New Zealand), went for a swim, and ate A LOT of amazing food.

3. Do you have any New years resolutions?

I have quite a few….

  • Practice flute 5+ times a week
  • Learn and perform Hamburger Sonate (this AMAZING piece I’m working on)
  • Do grade six music theory
  • Practice piano 5 times a week at least
  • Have at least one 45 minute (not 1/2 an hour) practice sessionn
  • Play on a real piano (not electric one, which is what we have), for at least a little while each week
  • Run 5 times a week, including one 45 minute one
  • Do some slack lining every day (not possible currently since it’s at home)
  • Be in bed at 9:30 latest on school nights, and don’t read past 10
  • Get an alarm and wake up earlier


  • Post at least once a week on your blogging weeks
  • Write one post every week even when you’re ‘off’
  • write reviews you don’t post
  • Read 10 nonfiction books
  • Read 3 classics
  • Read 5 outside-comfort-zone books
  • Read a new article in Hindi at least once a month

Is that enough for you?

4. Do you have a favourite festive drink?

No, but I do want to try eggnog

5. Tell me what you’re reading right now.

I just finished H.I.V.E (recommended by Heather) and I’m partway through Anna and the Swallow Man.

6. What is your favourite type of blog post to read?

Discussions if they’re written well, especially if they have a unique format.

7. What is your favourite food?

Green apples. Berries and cream. Green apples. Pie. Also green apples.

8. What is your proudest achievement?
I don’t know. I’m proud of my marks in school, but not one specific thing. I’m proud of passing two Grade 5 music exams last year (one merit, one close), I’m proud of being able to run. I can’t really think of one specific thing though.
9. Do you use Goodreads?
10. What’s on your Christmas reading list?
Around Christmas, I read Immaculate  (pregnant virgin), Ms. Marvel, Paper Towns, and The Girl With All the Gifts. It wasn’t very holiday-ish (last christmas I read Let It Snow and My True Love Gave to Me and was very holidayish. Now- not so much.
11. What’s your favourite part of blogging?
Meeting new people, getting comments from new people, making friends, etc. *virtual hugs* *mini spoiler* (you’ll get this later… maybe?)
It’s seems like every blogger and it’s bloggy dog has got this award, so no tags today. Some other time maybe?
What’s your favourite part of blogging? What are you reading right now? Where are you right now?



8 thoughts on “Liebster Award (again)

  1. *dances because you read H.I.V.E. and even if you didn’t like it I HAD SWAY OVER YOU MWAHAHAHA*

    It’s interesting that you blog in your room, because I don’t think I could do that. Also, I love making friends and everything through blogging, too! 😀


  2. Congrats on the award! I keep seeing it floating around at various blogs I hit up. Right now I’m on and off reading ‘The Golem and the Jinni’ and ‘The Bell Jar’. Just finished 3 library books. I think my favorite part about blogging is the people! 🙂
    Good luck on your new years resolutions! You have a lot more than me!
    Also, don’t try eggnog… so gross!


    1. I’ve heard of The Bell Jar. Is it good? My favourite part of blogging is definitely the people. Unfortunately, your surmise of eggnog just makes me want to try it to test your declaration 😛 (although probably won’t happen in the close future) Thank you


  3. Congratulations on receiving the award (again)! Huh, I never knew that was what bach meant, interesting! And I love your resolutions — gosh, sleeping before 9:30 must be difficult. But I believe you can do it, especially if you wake up early along with it. It’s a great sleeping habit to maintain! And yay for passing TWO Grade 5 exams! That’s super cool — which musical instruments were those for?


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