Mini-reviews: Immaculate, Pretending to be Erica, The Girl With All the Gifts, Paper Towns

mini reviews

By Shar

Hi blookunity! How is your 2016 going? I’m away again (I know y’all miss me :D) and so in my (wifi free! the horrors!) absence, I’m going to review a few of the books I’ve read recently. Due to it being dark, I won’t do any photos.

Immaculate – 3 stars

Premise: Virgin pregnancy in the 21st century. While the premise of this was really interesting, I don’t think it fully tackled the spiritual connotations and ideas behind a virgin birth, because Mina never got any answers about why she was chosen. Mina as a character and her friends all had quite good development, and all the situations she found herself in (worshipped/criticsised/damned) were interesting, I wanted to see it go further.

The Girl With All The Gifts – 4 stars

I loved the dystopian landscape which was super creepy and had excellent world building without being info dumpy. But this was juxtaposed by sweet, ordinary characters whose relationships were almost more fascinating than the monsters. Melanie and Ms. Justineau, her teacher, (whose name I don’t know how to pronounce. Somebody help please?) had a super cute, interesting relationship, and Melanie’s journey to accepting who she is and why and what she needs to do (her final choice is so surprising but right) was supremely crafted. Balanced with action scenes and such an intricate setting, this is not a normal zombie book.

Paper Towns- 4 stars

Have I mentioned I think TFIOS is overrated? Well, I do. All of Green’s other books that I’ve read have been good and interesting but not stunning or spectacular. This one surprised me with being pretty good. I liked the romance, and especially the ending, and the setting and the way it was divided into 3 parts that worked perfectly. I loved the friendships and the road trip and how it felt like anyone could be in this world, like it was ordinary life that was somehow spectacular. I liked Q’s character and the development he went through, and the way that ‘who’ Margo was was reveals through Q’s search for her. The long, ‘deep and meaningful’ monologues didn’t even feel that pretentious.

Pretending to Be Erica- 4 stars

Premise: Rich kidnapped kid is killed. Years later con artist takes her place to steal something but starts to get distracted. Firstly, kudos to a realistic but interesting ending. I loved the characters, especially Violet. Her development as she makes friends and has moral qualms and begins to question her previous life was really well portrayed. I loved how she was friends with the popular kids and the oddballs, and both groups were round ( although I liked the oddballs better). I LOVED Violet’s relationship with Mrs. Silverman and Mr. Silverman, and that ending! It was so nice to be kept guessing right until the end at what she would do and how her choice was justified.

Have you read any of these? Do you want to? On a scale of 1 to 10, how important are characters to your enjoyment of a novel? (because I just looked at this and realised it’s very character-centric) What have you done (and more importantly, READ) so far this year?


9 thoughts on “Mini-reviews: Immaculate, Pretending to be Erica, The Girl With All the Gifts, Paper Towns

  1. I absolutely loved The Girl with All the Gifts and Pretending to be Erica too! They were both so thought-provoking and well written. 🙂 And I agree with your assessment of Paper Towns – I definitely agree that it’s one of John Green’s better books. Thanks for sharing, and fabulous reviews! ❤


  2. Hm, I’m not familiar with any of these titles, excepting Paper Towns. But I still have not read it. Character-centric stories are actually really important to me, but only if they’re founded in a good story… I mean, it takes a lot of balance, y’know?


    1. One thing I like about you is that you don’t read mainstream, this year releases. So you don’t have to be familiar with these. You’re so right. A good book is like a see-saw- all about balance 🙂


  3. I think I pronounce it more Miss JustinYOO ahaha. (I have no idea what the real pronunciation is thoughh). I’m glad you liked the Girl With All the Gifts – even though I’m still standing by the Girl With All the GIFS, because reasons XD SQUEE I’M GLAD YOU LIKED PAPER TOWNS. It’s by far my favourite John Green book – the others didn’t really work out for me, and I loved the literature/mystery aspects in it too. Great reviews, Shar ❤


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