25 bookish facts about me

Cait tagged us for the 25 bookish facts aaaaages ago and here I am doing it. It’s so nice to have holidays and be able to read a book most days and go to the beach and relax…. Also, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with love and hope and joy and peace and happiness 🙂 now enjoy learning all my bookish secrets (some of these are totally random, but whatever, 25 is a lot!)



  1. I can’t reread audiobooks. This is a really bizarre thing, but I guess if I’ve spent the time listening to the audiobook I can’t reread, which is sad if it’s a book I want to reread, like Cinder. I probably could read if if I tried hard enough, but I don’t.
  2. Often if I’m in a library and I see someone looking lost, I go up to them and tell them which book they should read. It’s very rewarding.
  3. I don’t go to bookshops much… but when I do, I find it hard to leave without buying anything. (because books, you know)
  4. Because I read more than I talk (and I do talk quite a bit, so…) I sometimes don’t know how to pronounce things (Hermy-won, anyone?) This was worse when I was younger but I have a lot of pronunciation difficulties (It looks like cave-eat, not cav-e-at, okay)
  5. When I first got an e-reader I ignored it for a couple of months. Then I looked at all the kindle books and the digital library and I was done.
  6. I love audiobooks, partially because they make the book come to life for me, but also because it means you can do other things while you’re ‘reading’. Cook! Sew! Run!
  7. Whenever I start a new audiobook, I get annoyed at the narrator’s voice. Then I get used to it.
  8. (Non audio-book fact) I used to wish I could lie in a library. I still do, actually.
  9. I sometimes have dreams featuring books. Like I might be the main character in a scene from a story I read or I might be dithering over something in a library (absolutely normal, right?)
  10. I recently visited the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne. It was awesome and so pretty and they had a display on books and another about Melbourne history (though one thing annoyed me. Next to Ned Kelly’s armour there was a sign that said “no one needs to be told who Ned Kelly is” I don’t know who Ned Kelly is. Tell me!)
  11. I spend way too much time on goodreads.
  12. I can read and walk at the same time (though how many people/pillars/troops of monkeys I bump into while doing so is another matter entirely)
  13. I read an abridged version of Pride and Prejudice when  I was around seven and was really confused.
  14. Anne of Green Gables and Little Women are some of my favourite books. I read them heaps when I was younger.
  15. My grandmother taught Shar and I to knit as she read Narnia to us. Narnia is amazing (though sort of sexist and with an unpleasant distinction between good guys killing bad guys and bad guys killing good guys)
  16. I read the first four Harry Potter books when I was about eight. The ending of book four scared me so much that I didn’t read the rest until I was ten or eleven.
  17. The first book blog I ever read, before I started my own, was the Midnight Garden.
  18. The first YA books I read were probably Matched, I Am Number Four and Delirium (It’s hard to tell when MG crosses the YA line though!)
  19. My aunt painted a Where the Wild Things Are painting in my room when I was small (my family is /relatively/ encouraging of my literary habit– they just wish I didn’t buy so many books)
  20. I love forcing my family/friends to read books that I like so I can have co fangirls (except Shar didn’t like Sabriel 😦 )
  21. According to goodreads I’ve read 74,326 pages this year. Which is quite a lot.
  22. When I’m not reading, I do other things ( really!)
  23. I don’t usually listen to music while reading, but if I do it is probably cello music. I love the sounds of cellos (guilty violist right here)
  24. I love spotting typos in books (luckily there aren’t many) Other bonus things, like the names of YA authors that I found in Illuminae are fun too.
  25. I take a book *almost* everywhere I go because they are fun to hold and are guaranteed entertainment.

Hopefully this was fun! Tell me a bookish fact about yourself in the comments 🙂


8 thoughts on “25 bookish facts about me

  1. Pride and Prejudice when you were SEVEN? Girl, that is way too much. I could not do that and I do not blame you for being confused. Because that would be confusing. Also, it’s cool that your Grandma taught you to knit while reading Narnia, although, yeah, kind of sexist and overly moralistic. I’d love to hear you talk some more about it with more specific thoughts, if you’re ever looking for post ideas. I’d love to hear what you think. Lastly, of COURSE we take books everywhere! That’s what we do! *hives*


  2. Ahh Shanti! I’m the SAME with audio book narrators! I spend the first 3 chapters going “I hate this, it’s going to wreck the book” and then I love it and couldn’t imagine it read any other way. XD Except for one narrator who was so darn irritating it actually wrecked the book for me BUT STILL. I love how audiobooks are so useful for multitasking. :’)
    Cellos are the best though. *raises proud cellist hand* Better than violins. I AM JUST SAYIN’. As I’ve played both I can make this executive decision *nods sagely* And they make the BEST background music. I listen to cello suites every night.
    Also that’s hilarious about the Ned Kelly sign. xD It’s not really being helpful to people who haven’t been grilled in Australian folklore right?! 😛


  3. I like the audiobooks for the same reason that you do in that it allows me to do other things with my hands while I read. I just have to make sure that I’m doing something that doesn’t require so much concentration that I completely don’t even pay attention to the actual story. Car rides are good for that since I get carsick if I actually read a book. The only real problem with audiobooks is that the narrators can be so annoying and I feel like they change my perception of the book sometimes. Unlike you I don’t get used to it, so it’s a problem. Sometimes, they’re good, though. SOMETIMES.


  4. Oooh you’re an audiobook fan? Rec some audiobooks to me! Audible told me I could get a free one-month trial so I’m planning on doing that. I actually go to bookshops all the time and just stand around reading until I finish an entire book XD But now I just order books online, which is nice because HK bookstores are severely lacking. *sigh* I have similar thoughts about Narnia — can’t deny it’s great, but at the same time it’s problematic.


    1. Audiobooks are awesome. I love the voices in the Raven Cycle audiobooks and The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. Plus, they feature music she composed and performed! I love going into bookshops, the other day I made my mum drop me off at this second hand bookshop(which had a resident cat) and I couldn’t help but purchase daughter of Smoke and Bone so I could force everyone I know to read it. Indian bookshops YA sections are pretty much just Meg Cabot and Stephenie Meyer *sigh* I love the story, but there are a lot of things you need to consider about what values it shows.


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