Stacking the Shelves (4) or an open letter

By Shar

Hello Peoples! Shanti and I are apart right now so this post is in the form of a letter.  

Dear Shanti

I wonder what it’s like in Melbourne. We got to Auckland this morning, technically. I fell asleep at 5 and woke up at 11, so I’m super tired.

But I know I’m not the thing that matters, right? What matters is of course all the wonderful books I left for you. Isn’t it awesome that you could order them in India and here I am to pick them up? You’ve gotta be a bit grateful.

When I saw your pile of ordered books, I was cowed. There were 11 and they were SO HEAVY. Honestly! (btw, we do own A Suitable Boy. I really was not keen on carrying that one. You can read it some other time) I was the one biking around carrying them. I dropped some in the middle of the car park on the way back, but it’s fine. *brushes off clumsiness casually*

Much as I hate to admit it, you’ve got good taste. Look at these covers!!!!!

I already read Ms. Marvel and it is excellent. Considering it’s my first comic book that I actually finished, I was confused at times, but I did end up really liking it.

We must be twins, sis. (I never call you sis in real life) ‘Cause guess what I did while we were stuck in sydney airport? (to clarify, different terminals. Also, we were there like 11.5 hours. So we won on the boring miserableness.) That’s right. I bought a book. I saw some review somewhere and read a few chapters at the shop. (The kobos were buried in our carry on luggage. *le sigh*) Luckily, we didn’t buy the same book *swoons with relief, maiden-like*. I brought it with me, but I believe it’d be a wonderful addition to our bookshelf. You can read it when we get back.


While you’re missing me (because who wouldn’t), enjoy those lovely books I lugged around for you and rescued from puddles in car parks. AND THAT’S AN ORDER.


8 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (4) or an open letter

  1. AWW YOU GUYS ARE SO NICE TO EACH OTHER. I LOVE THIS. Also those are amazing books *hyperventilates quietly* The Girl With all the Gifts was one of my FAVOURite reads of ever…despite having this urge to say Girl with all the Gifs every time I opened it. Ahem. And I just bought Under A Painted Sky *happy dance with you* I hope they are all as gorgeously delectable as they look. :’)


    1. Well, so far so good. I LOVED the girl with al the gifts (although it was super creepy) and I really liked Pretending to Be Erica. So yes, all these books were very wonderful. 😀 I can’t wait to read the others.


  2. Wow, that /is/ a lot of books. Also, have either of you read Vitro yet? I read the first book in that series and loved it, but I haven’t gotten to any of the others yet.



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