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Heather is an awesome blogging friend of Shar and I’s. She blogs over at Sometimes I’m a Story, and her posts are sarcastic, thoughtful and awesome. (you should go follow her by the way) Anyway, it’s her Second Blogoversary (YAY CONGRATS HEATHER!!!!) and she created a tag to celebrate. Shar and I decided to do this tag.


  1. What was your first post? When did you write it?
  2. What is your most popular post?
  3. What is your favorite post?
  4. What are some particularly emotional posts you’ve written? (And it doesn’t necessarily have to be weepy—you could be ecstatic or enraged or disgusted, if that applies.)
  5. Have you ever written particularly a particularly controversial post?
  6. What is your most humorous post?
  7. Have you ever given/received/exchanged guest posts?
  8. What are some things you want to blog about but haven’t gotten to yet?
  9. What is the best thing about your blog?
  10. And, for the heck of it—what are a few of your favorite blogs (that, if it wasn’t implied, are not yours)?

1- Shanti: Our first post was this sort of introduction thing that is possibly quite incoherent. It just said that we were all about words particularly books, and that Shar and I would blog once a week alternatingly. The next post was a review of Shadow and Bone (it was a bad review, by the way), and Shar’s first post was about Fangirl (Shar: yeah, you don’t have to read it. You’re encouraged not to, in fact) We started writing in August 2014.

2- Shanti: Hmm, not so sure on this one *checks statistics* I think it was my post about how to make a bookmark . We still get hits for this every few days, though I’m not sure how useful it was. (I still use the bookmark though!)

3- Shanti: Ohhhh, this is hard. I’m pretty proud of some of my reviews. I really liked my interview with Sharzahd and Despina, and the Cake Book Tag was awesome as well

Shar: I think I’m most proud of my discussion about Mental Illness in YA. (Also, other discussions.)

4- Shar: I was looking through our archives, and I remembered this story of me and a moody librarian. 

Shanti: I hated Love in the Time of Global Warming so much, and I think my review shows that.

5- Shanti: I think my post about the Deathly Hallows was pretty controversial… but I was really pleased with how everyone reacted, and there were some great comments.

Shar: I  can’t think of much, but I recently gave Shiver 2 stars, so many members of the blookunity were disappointed. Sometimes it’s hard to be fair in a review when you know someone who loves the author/book- I generally tend to give those super high or super low ratings.

6- Shanti : For me It’s probably If YA Characters Went to High School. That was fun to write (and read if you get the references)

Shar: I don’t know… I like to think I’m a funny person, but I most people don’t get my humour. It doesn’t usually come out in my blog posts… maybe I was funny in our review of Carry On? (I can only seem to think of posts from about 3 weeks ago… I appear to have abysmal short term memory.

7- Shanti: Yes! My friend Anna has helped us out with two posts, and my friend Rose also wrote a guest post about how many great books I made her read.  I’ve never guest posted for someone else though, but I’m open to the idea.

Shar: I’m open too, but we have the same answers otherwise, so let’s not bore you.

8- Shanti:I want to blog about religion in books and do more rereading features and creative reviews. And I’d love to do a feature about setting in books- called the Bookish Planet or something like that (instead of lonely planet)

Shar: I want to write more discussions and do more tags. I’d like to discuss deep things like ‘why do we read’ and ‘what are useful lessons YA can teach us’  and use more gifs and also do funny posts. (Ha. Ha. These were totally spontaneous, btw)

9.  Shar: We post regularly and have good grammar and write interestingly and deeply  and respectfully (e.g discuss what specifically bothered us about a certain book without being rude and going ‘it sucked DON’T READ IT’ and nothing else)

Shanti: We write awesome reviews, reply to comments, have cool graphics and hopefully make our readers think.

10. Not to suck up, but Sometimes I’m a Story

Paper Fury

Deadly Darlings

The Quiet People

Six Impossible Things

And a new discovery… A concerto of paint and print

And a zillion more.

Shanti: I love Paper Fury, the Quiet People and Sometimes I’m a Story too… but also

The Midnight Garden

Miriam Joy Writes

The Devil Orders Takeout

Once Upon a Bookish Time

Yay for awesome tags! What’s your favourite thing about your blog? Or if you don’t blog, tell us about another awesome blog in the comments!



8 thoughts on “The Showcase tag

  1. I’m like basically a terrible person for being the last person to comment on this and I AM SORRY. I think the post I’m most familiar with was your Deathly Hallows post, which totally gave a me a different way to look at things. 🙂 Also, thanks for listing my blog, even if you were sucking up. ^.^ Thanks so much for participating in my blogoversary! You two are awesome! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome and I’m sure you were busy 🙂 (I didn’t finish watching your video because I sadly kept forgetting/was distracted/needed to sleep). I will though… Your blog is wonderful ❤


  2. Oh, high fives and hugs for that little shout out at the end! You two are the cutest!
    *Ahem* THIS WAS SUCH A NICE POST TO READ!!! I LOVE posts about blogging (meta-blogging?), and it’s so interesting to see how you both manage to blog together… but separately… whatever, it’s interesting, okay? I LOVE the bookish planet idea too, and some discussions about religion in books would be AMAZING. It’s such an overlooked subject, don’t you think?
    Beth x


  3. Oh, I loved your bookmark tutorial! And I remember the moody librarian story too, that was both frustrating and hilarious. I don’t remember reading Love in the Time of Global Warming review, but I would LOVE to read Death in the Time of Cholera. And your YA characters @ high school post was sheer genius. BASICALLY ALL YOUR POSTS ARE FANTASTIC.

    Thanks for the shout-out! 😀


    1. I”ve been trying to write a discussion on religion on books for ages, but I just need to pull it all together. When settings are well done, I think they’re the best part of reading– you are utterly transported *peruses your goodreads shelf*


  4. I really enjoyed this post! It was nice to learn more about your blog. 🙂 I’m not really sure what my favorite thing about my blog is — it’s still under construction as of now. I guess I really like the color scheme (it sounds lame, but it’s true). And also — OMG you mentioned my blog?! Thank you so much, Shar! ^.^ *hug* Can’t wait to read more of both of your posts!


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