Stacking the Shelves(3) boooks

Hi everyone! I’m interrupting Shar’s week for a Stacking the Shelves. There are 6 books I have acquired in the past month or so and it’s exciting… But first you get a million pictures because they’re so beautiful. (we’re linking up with the meme Stacking the Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s reviews’s for this, because we can)- Shanti


See, aren’t they pretty *heart eyes* I’ve already  read Winter (of course) and it WAS SO GOOD. There will probably be a review at some point, and shar wrote a review as well. The reason I got all these books was because my dad was in the US where books and shipping is cheaper, and he was willing to act as a mail carrier (and financier of book buying in, to be honest-thank you parents)

Winter: It just came out (like three weeks ago) is awesome and will break your feels and take you a long time to read and of course I HAD TO HAVE IT and it’s worth it.

The Weight of Feathers: I’ve heard a lot about this one and it sounds awesome and lyrical and sad and magical realism (basically all the things I like)

Out of the Easy: Because Anna told me it was fabulous. Also history. Also cover.

The Game of Love and Death: Historical with planes and personified love and death and history? YES YES YES. (also, Cait’s review convinced me)

Like Smoke: The author came to our school and did a reading. I hadn’t actually liked another one of her books, but her reading was amazing and convinced me forever. ( and it’s signed. yay!) this is a short story collection.

Fire: My friend who lives in Sweden gave this to me (thank you so much!), (and she gave me the first book a few years ago) It’s a really interesting, real series about teen witches facing down evil. Plus, the covers are awesome. I’m really excited to read it

In other news: We have two weeks of school left. This means craziness. I have to write a 6-10 page research paper by Thursday, there is a lot of studying to do, so much Calculus (such mixed feelings on this class. I hate it mostly but there are times when I love it) and lots of other homework. The drama is happening this week at school, and since I’m doing costumes, I’ve had to be at school until 9 or 9 30 every single night (to wash *fake* bloodstains out of dresses) last weekend we went on a fun but exhausting field trip to Delhi, there a music concerts coming up , I’ve barely had time to read and to top it all off I have a horrible cold. But the holidays are coming! There is hope. I’m really looking forward to leaving and seeing my cousins and summer (the best thing about air travel tbh- it can take you to another season) So my life is busy. But at least I have books to read. Also I discovered Captain America fanvids and my life is complete (the Civil War trailer was so… *weeps at characters fighting*)

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Is your life as crazy as mine right now? Tell me what the best thing that happened in the last month was in the comments 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves(3) boooks

  1. AHHH I’M SO GLAD YOU HAVE A GAME OF LOVE AND DEATH!! It’s utterly amazing and totally underrated. *flaps about loving that book so much* Also Winter! YAY. I just got my copy too…although my Lunar Chronicles series is now SO mismatched. *weeps for it* But still beautiful. I’m excited to start reading it. EXPECTATIONS ARE HIGH. I really want to read Weight of Feathers too because magical realism and I are FRIIIIENDS.


    1. It was your review that convinced me to buy it, and I love WWII anything so I’m very excited to read it. I have a Fairest paperback and Winter hardback and now I want them all in hardcover. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? Magical realism is the BEST 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh I want to read all of these! Especially Winter, The Weight of Feathers, and The Game of Love and Death! And YES THE CIVIL WAR TRAILER BROKE MY HEART.


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