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Mini Reviews for all the books I read recently

By Shar

I actually read quite a few books in the last few weeks (for someone juggling school and homework and extracurriculars) so let’s review them. (By let’s, I mean me, of course. You could in the comments)..

Shiver: (Maggie Steifvater) 2 stars

I know a lot of people LOVE Maggie Steifvater, and objectively, her prose was pretty good. So were the characters, and the premise and setting. It WAS well thought out. (Apart from, um, medical things… LATER peoples) But here’s what bothered me about Shiver.cover_shiver_300

a) The pacing – the beginning was exciting, I guess. Then they spent most of the book… kissing and being happy and talking, and then the last few chapters- everything happened and it made no sense and people died and then you think people died and just arghgh.

b) Meningitis- Just DON’T infect people with meningitis. It is just a terrible terrible idea. Just no. NO! Besides, the idea of doing this felt abrupt and random. Why hadn’t Grace thought of it before.

c) The characters- I thought they were well developed as individuals, even the secondary characters. I LOVED Grace and Sam’s relationship (if it was a bit fast). BUT. As soon as Sam popped up, Grace just forgot about her best friends, first Olivia, then Rachel. And while I liked Isabel and Grace and Isabel’s friendship, it kind of happened? Like one day she was the popular kid and the next day they’re waving meningitis needles around. What? Also, Grace says she loves reading, but never really reads. I did appreciate that she went to school though.

d) The language was nice, the character’s voices were nice (And I liked the addition of the temperature. I don’t do Farenheit though. Sometimes the random poetry and Sam’s songwritng and things felt a bit out of place and random, even if they were beautiful.

All this said, I probably will give Linger a try sometime.I liked the idea, and like I said, the writing was good. And I could rant more, trust me. But I also neglect to mention some of the good things about this… just…. MENINGITIS. It removed AT LEAST one star.

First & Then (Emma mills)- 3 stars

23310751I admit I didn’t even realise this was a Pride and Prejudice retelling. ( I was like: Devon likes Jane Austen. How odd)  liked the characters (how many characters in books take Calc? Grace did. Emmy did. Devon did. I do too, but unlike for them, it is one of my life’s biggest sources of drama (my life isn’t too exciting, I guess)). I liked the characters and the plot ( Ezra and the little cousin who’s name I forgot had such an awesome relationship) and the pacing was good, and the language. It wasn’t spectacular though, and the whole American football thing went WAY over my head. (We played it once in PE, which is my only experience. The one American who had never played it bossed us around saying ‘it’s in my blood’. We were confused)

All the light we cannot see -Anthony Doerr- 4 stars

DSC04995I’ve been reading this since early October, so I was rather happy to finish it. The prose was soooo good, and the setting was lovely and intricate. I loved the attention to small details like going to drink water that are forgotten when you’re running around infecting people with meningitis for NO GOOD REASON. (no. Can’t get over it). I think the plot was slightly slow and confusing, even though I liked the time jumps and changes in perspective. I kind of got it about the diamond? DSC04990At the same time, it kind of seemed unnecessary. Oh I LOVED the characters they were so well developed. Also the focus on not the military part of war but ordinary lives and interconnectedness and relatedness…. maybe the deep meaningful themes swallowed me slightly?


WINTER – Marissa Meyer- 5 stars and some bonus exclamation marks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! asdfdjkls;)

Was way too awesome to only get a mini review… so more to come.

Have you read any of these? How do you feel about running around infecting people with meningitis? (And there is only one answer to that). Do you like minute details and beautiful prose, or do you think plot should take priority, or are you all about the balance? TELL ME NOW (or not, y’know)


8 thoughts on “Mini Reviews for all the books I read recently

  1. I’m really glad to read a review that’s not 5-stars, to Shiver! I’ve been hearing TONS of great things about Maggie Stiefvater and I really want to try and read her stories, but I’m happy to know that not everyone fell head over heels for this book! I might still give it a chance, I’m curious now! 😀


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  3. *dies a little* WELL I LOVE SHIVER. *cries a little more* And there was a reason they infected them with meningitis?!? To try and cure werewolfism?! I’m not saying it was a good idea, but there was a reason. XD 😛 I also have The Light We Cannot See on hold at the library and AFJDKALSFD SO EXCITED!!! There are like, um, 30 people in front of me though. -_- SO YEAH. Waiting, waiting. 😉


    1. I hope you get All the Light We Caannot See soon. I think with Shiver, I can understand why people loved it. *consoles by patting fragile creature gently on back* . I understood why they infected someone with meningitis, but Grace’s theory about a lot of heat/fever was just that – a theory. And it’s hard to believe that serious meningitis victims were so readily available to offer up their blood. And m parents are doctors, but I don’t know how to draw blood. And Jack’s death just felt so pointless to me… he did choose it I guess. And technically, the meningitis idea DID work- just the science and ethics side of me really cringed at that part. I won’t give up on Maggie Steifvater yet, though!


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