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Review- Mortal Engines

Happy November, blookunity! How’s it going? This is a book I read last month, and it was certainly creative. Has anyone else read Phillip Reeve?

Title: Mortal Engines

Author: Phillip Reeve

Genre: YA Steampunk (maybe MG)

Themes: friendship, working together, dystopias, rebellions

Why? Because I ate chocolate and you didn't.
Why? Because I ate chocolate and you didn’t.

You might also like: The Edge Chronicles (I don’t know why, and I haven’t read the Edge chronicles for ages, but they’re similar in my mind)

My blurb: What if cities moved on wheels? What if Darwinism applied to things other than living beings?

Tom has known London his whole life. As an apprentice Historian in London, he’s used to skulking in the hills, feeding on tiny towns that come London’s way. But now London is heading for the great hunting ground, and everything is changing. A chance encounter in the gut involving him, the Head Historian, his daughter, and a murderer changes Tom’s life as he knows it. Is Municipal Darwinism right? Will he have to work with the murderer? One things for sure, cleaning blue whale skeletons isn’t the top of Tom’s list any more.

This book was fascinating. The premise, like with The Knife of Never Letting Go, was so original, that it was even more enjoyable. The concept of a very far future dystopia, where much technology has gone and towns roll around eating each other, was excellent.

I felt like the characters needed more development in some areas. For example, both Tom and Hester claim to miss their parents, but I didn’t really see that in their actions. Also, it was rather sad/pointless that a lot of characters were introduced and just die. (Like, all of them. This could totally be a standalone). All that aside, Tom and Hester’s relationship was developed, and I loved the side characters, all of whom were interesting. I liked that the ‘villians’ weren’t purely black or white, although the MCs were not round in that respect.

The world building worked well for me, with a dearth of info dumping yet a lot of understanding that filtered through each chapter, so before I knew it, somehow I understood the world quite well.

The plot varied. I think it was good, although the ending was a little easy, and a few major actions didn’t have the best build up. The ending had a lot of action packed into a few scenes, and then everybody died (so don’t get too attached).

The language was great and worked really well.

I read this while hiking, just a little every afternoon. The time I read the most was when the skies were grey and moody and it was chilly outside, and the book suited my emotions (and the weather) perfectly.

Setting: 5/5DSC05038


Characters: 3/5

Plot: 4/5

Enjoyment: 4/5

Readableness: 4/5 (a little hard to get in to.)

Total: 4/5

How do you feel about absolute dystopias? (Like a gazillion years in the future) Everybody dying? (It was sad, I’ll be honest here) What have you read recently? How was your November, and what colour is your sky right now? (It’s also everyone else’s sky, but you know what I mean)


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