The Candy Book Tag- my version

I saw the Candy Book Tag on Jessica’s blog and thought that I would entertain y’all by doing it (I know, it’s very magnanimous of me, isn’t it) But I don’t really eat the candy that she’s talking about about, so I’m doing my own version, yay. So, without further ado…

candy booktag


  • When you are tagged, please thank the blogger who tagged you!
  • No one is obligated to participate, even if they are tagged.
  • If you decide to participate, answer the questions and then tag 5 other bloggers.
  • Please notify the people you’ve selected when they are tagged!

1. Rocky Road Oreo (look, I know it isn’t a candy, but it’s sort of crunchy like rocks and we have a rocky relationship)

-a series or author you have a rocky relationship with

Paro Anand. Her short stories are really good, if somewhat formulaic, but I really was annoyed and confused by her novel No Guns at My Son’s Funeral

2. Laffy Taffy Sour Punk (I know, Indian candy names are great)

-A story that stuck in your mind (or like candy, in your teeth)

Revived. This is more than a cute contemporary. It’s also about how hard it can be to tell the truth and finding out where you belong and knowing when it’s okay to confront and when you’re allowed to cry.

3. Peppermint chocolate Kaccha Mango Bite (who even doesn’t like peppermint chocolate?)

-a book lots of other people adored, but you didn’t

The Orphan Queen. It was so generic. I couldn’t see anything special about it at all.

4. Sugar Free Candy

-a book that didn’t make any sense

I try to avoid these sorts of books. But Liar was really confusing, and quite experimental. Talking any more about it would probably be a spoiler though.

5. Sweethearts Zazzy

-a book that made you go “awww”

I just finished Carry On. It had a lot of other awesome things going on, but it was pretty adorable as well, particularly in the second half (it made tails seem appealing, if that helps you to want to read it)

6. Kit Kat

-a book that everyone needs to read

I have a loooooong list of these books, and I’ve talked about some of them at length before. Challenger Deep is an awesome book about mental illness and acceptance and courage and moving on, though, which I really liked. (it is also pretty confusing at times. So bear that in mind. Metaphors, guys)

7. Snicker Brand Mixed Nuts Bar

-a book that is going to be released soon

AAAAgh I just preordered Winter this afternoon and I’m sososososososososo excited YESS.

I tag

…no one explicitly. I know that a lot of people have a ton of tags lined up and I don’t want to add to it. However, this is a really fun tag, so if you want to participate, go for it.

Can someone tell me what Laffy Taffy is? Have you read any of these books? Do you agree with me that candy eating and book reading are perfectly paired with a toothbrush occupations? tell me in the comments!


7 thoughts on “The Candy Book Tag- my version

  1. Omg I LOVE that you changed them! Because tbh I don’t recognise any of them either. XD Except for Kit Kat….and I can’t say “we don’t have that in Australia” because I have never been a junk food eater so I wouldn’t even know. I think I had a kit kat once in my life… o.O Sugar-free candy does kind of make sense though!! Although I think the fake sugar is worse for you than real sugar so oKAY IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. (It doesn’t taste too bad though….)
    Ohhh I want to read Carry On. AND YAY FOR CHALLENGER DEEP. Still one of my favourites of this year. :’)


    1. Kit Kats are quite good. I don’t eat that much candy either, and I have had lots of the sugar free kind, because some of my relatives are sugar and gluten free. Fake sugar=additives as far as I can tell. YES Carry on is SO SO good, oh my gosh. And I adored Challenger deep !


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