How to Read While Walking (a beginners guide)

As bookworms, its very important to read whenever and wherever possible. Books require commitment, and then they reward you greatly. How could could you waste anytime. So here I present the beginners guide on how to read while walking. There is an easy way, also known as audiobooks, but who would take the easy way out ? (answer: People who like to read while running, like, me) Don’t trip over. Don’t run into monkeys. With this guide you can read while walking and never get into trouble. Bonus: If you read while walking, everyone knows that you’re clearly a committed bookworm



Step One

Acquire a book. It doesn’t matter how you get it, by foul means or fair, but you need something that is worthwhile enough to spend your precious walking time on.

Step Two

Find somewhere to walk. The trick to reading while walking is that you need somewhere to go. ( I guess you could read while on a treadmill or elliptical machine or something, because I’ve done that, but it’s much more interesting to actually go somewhere)

Step Three

Develop the double focus. This is probably the hardest step, and until you’ve mastered it, you’ll probably still need to glance up occasionally. It helps to practice this on a route you know well, like the way to school, so that you don’t get lost. The trick to the double focus is essentially being aware of what is on the ground while reading what is on the page. You need to be alert, in order to avoid tripping over (or, in my case running into packs of vicious monkeys) SAFETY WARNING so I don’t get sued: Reading while walking can be dangerous. You need to be alert. Please, please, please be careful

Step Four

Hold on tight. Sometimes things happen. Sometimes you trip over. Sometimes there are surprise stairs. Sometimes you siblings or friends want to talk to you. Sometimes feels try to knock you sideways. Hold on TIGHT to the book. Do not let go of it. There is nothing worst than lost books.

Step Five

Practice. Keep reading while walking . You’ll be amazed at what you can get read. Never let feelings of despair push you down. You can do this!

Do you read while walking? Or do you take the audiobook path? Is this too dangerous? Where do you like to read- in a still place or a moving place? Tell me in the comments!

12 thoughts on “How to Read While Walking (a beginners guide)

    1. Yay, I’m glad you liked it. I’m pretty clumsy too (My face is all scratched right now because I, um, opened a door awkwardly) but when you’re walking slowly on a route you know well- like the way to school- it’s quite a useful technique.

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  1. I used to walk while reading all the time! Nowadays I don’t walk a lot anymore, I’m more of a runner and I have not mastered reading and running so I’ve taken the audiobook route for when I’m running… It’s a little safer!


    1. Yes, I always walk and read on the way home from school. I also love to run, but like you I can’t read while I do it, so audiobooks are my best option:). But I also like running in silence sometimes.


  2. This was super important for me in high school—navigating the halls while keeping your nose in a book was a big deal! However, I will say that as important as reading and walking is, don’t read and drive. *shakes head* Don’t do it.


    1. yes, and I still do it, since I’m still in high school 🙂 (there was, however, that one time whenI bumped into three people and a pillar in three minutes. Nice going, Shanti) I don’t drive, but that sounds dangerous! Audiobooks are important, and thats what I always use in long car trips, because they don’t make me sick.


    1. I managed to study for several exams by reading on treadmills or other fitness machines, because my school used to give us PE aka free exercise periods. It is hard. What is you drop it! The world is over!!! I really like the format of audiobooks, but they take way too long. Don’t break your phone!!


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