Milk Tea book tag

By Shar

This is a tag created by Alyssa, which we’re very excited to do (thank you, Alyssa! You’re amazing). But I’m just going to take a moment to clear up something that drives me insane: as an Indian-ish person, I speak Hindi. So you know the chai tea you get at coffee shops in various other places? That means tea tea. Chai is tea, and in India, we make it with plenty of sugar and milk (just like Hong Kong) as well as different spices: ginger (adrak in Hindi) or cardamom (chota elaichi in hindi) is common, and chai with fenugreek (mithi) is also amazing. Anyway, now my bout of pedantry is done, let’s begin.

Tea: The foundation of your reading life

There are a lot of books I grew up with, like Roald Dahl (which I still think is cool) and Rainbow Magic (which makes me want to die of shame), but Harry Potter will always be my first love and really was a foundation that made me the reader I am today.

Milk: A rich, smooth book

There are a lot, but one very rich, smooth book that I LOVED was Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, by Benjamin Alire Saenz.

Sugar: A book you love but is controversial

This is hard… define ‘controversial’. The White Tiger is pretty harsh on modern Indian society (but can’t have been that controversial because a. It got a Man Booker and b. I read it for school so it can’t count). I really liked Ally Carter’s Matched series, about 3 years ago. The poetry aspect was well done, and while there were a lot of tropes, the characters were interesting and there was a good balance of romance and action. It seems a lot of book bloggers don’t, though.

Those covers <3<3

Icy: A book just for fun

The Selection series is fun, but we have to be honest, not very deep or meaningful.

Silk Stocking: A book that’s much better than it sounds

I recently finished Graceling by Kristin Cashore. It’s about a girl whose job is killing people for her king, because she was born with a special talent (called a Grace) for it. When she’s not running around killing things, she also enjoys fighting a Graceling prince for fun, then they together get in a whole lot of trouble. I’ll review it later this week.

Yinyang: A book with foreign influence

A Step From Heaven by An Na, which is about a Korean immigrant to the US (it would totally qualify for ‘rich and smooth’ as well), and An Ember in the Ashes, with a lot of roman/middle Eastern influence.

I can’t think of many people to tag… (but no pressure)

Ayesha and Monisah@twins turn pages

Alexa@ a summer snowflake

Choose one question to answer! (I’m curious, okay?)


8 thoughts on “Milk Tea book tag

  1. Cool post! Thanks for tagging me! If I can think of something for each category, I’ll do it during my Tag Week this month. 🙂

    I read the Matched series and loved it too! And the Aristotle and Dante one looks /so/ interesting. Definitely going on the list. 😀



  2. I am totally aware that I need to read Dante/Aristotle but I HAVEN’T GOTTEN THERE BUT whatever. I too have grown up with Harry Potter, and though I am afraid I am not a big fan of The Selection or Matched, I definitely liked Graceling. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it later this week! 🙂


  3. Thanks for doing the tag! I love that you discussed why “chai tea” doesn’t sit well with you because while I created the tag to spread Hong Kong culture, I absolutely feel that it’s 2000% more awesome when we all spread our own cultures and debunk myths. SO GO YOU.

    I’m super excited for your review of Graceling! I heard about it before but haven’t been very interested, but your synopsis made it sound very interesting 🙂


    1. Yes, I did rather like Graceling (note to self… convert from Word document to actual post). I loved learning about Hong Kong’s culture, and I really like blogging because you can meet so many people from so many cultures. And thank you for creating such an awesome tag!


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