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Blogging Community Tag

Heather tagged me for this months ago. Thanks, Heather! But here I am, finally getting around to it! And just a quick heads up: Shar and I have been talking, and changes are in the works. It’s exciting! But you’ll hear more about those later. Anyway, on with celebrating other bloggers awesomeness! -Shanti


*link back to Jo@The Bearable Blog

*Use the picture

*Answer the questions

*tag who you want

-Dedicated Bloggers-

Emily@Loony Literate posts several times a week, writes excellent reviews and discussions and is otherwise awesome

Heather@Sometimes I’m a Story also posts regularly and her post are awesome! So thought provoking and funny and amazing 🙂

-Book Reviewers and Bloggers-

I mostly read book blogs so this isn’t hard.

I love the discussions at The Midnight Garden, even though I don’t read the reviews as much

Nirvana@Quenching the Quill also does amazing fangirling reviews and discussions and is generally an amazing blogger.

-Deep and Thoughtful Bloggers-

(and yes, the capital letters are appropriate)

I’m going to steal from Heather here and say Opal@Opal Swirls– her writing is beautiful and she talks about some really deep & important things

I also love what Amy@ Every Word You Say writes- it’s well thought out, can be funny, but acknowledges issues that anyone can deal with.

-Bloggers with Beautiful Designs-

So as you all may know, Shar and I suck at design. But Beth@The Quiet People has a perfect minimalist look going for her (and amazing pictures) and I also love the layout/set-up of YA Midnight Reads.

-Enjoyable and Awesome Bloggers-

This is hard  because I enjoy reading and I don’t read blogs I won’t like. Everyone is enjoyable and awesome! But Kara@Diary of a Teen Writer has really interesting and fun posts every time. Plus, her pictures are amazing.

Also, Engie@Musings From Neville’s Navel has hilarious and amazing and has excellent posts about practically everything, and I love reading her blog.

-Funny Bloggers-

I already mentioned several funny blogs. Buuuut Alyssa@The Devil Orders Takeout has completely hilarious and insightful posts. But she’s not just humour- I love what she does for Chinese Culture and when she talks about writing 🙂

I know that Epic Reads is run by HarperCollins, but some of the posts there are excellent. And they also crack me up.

-Inspiring Bloggers-

Cait@Paper Fury (who just got an amazing new design- go stare at it) inspires me. She is an almost perfect mix of humour, fangirling, books and awesomeness. It would do you well to get on her  good side, for she is going to be ruler of the world one day.

Miriam@Miriam Joy Writes talks about thoughtful things and writing and is awesome. She makes me want to be a better blogger. Go stalk her.

I tag…

Nevillegirl@Musings From Neville’s Navel

Nirvana@Quenching the Quill

Ella@Once Upon a Bookish Time

Precious@Clockwork Desires

and anyone else who wants to share the love!

I’m all out of blog names. But all these people are awesome. Share some of your favourite blogs/bloggers in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Blogging Community Tag

  1. OH OH THANKS FOR THE MENTION *hugs* I always get in awe of people who can do photography (like Kara and Cait), I mean how do you do it?? Teach me your secrets?? So their eye candy is really wonderful in posts. Oh, and I love witty bloggers too (like your posts, they make me spit out my milk on the keyboard, which is tedious but also that you’re good at being funny XD)


  2. Awwww *sniffles with happiness* AREN’T YOU THE NICEST SHANTI. ❤ I feel absolutely honoured to be called inspiring since like 89% of the time I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING. *flaps around and collapses on face* And zomg I agree 1000% that Kara and Emily and Heather are all so awesome, and Miriam's posts are SO DETAILED and gah! Yes! In awe! And Engie is so hilarious and fangirly. SO MUCH LOVE FOR ALL THESE BLOGGERS!


    1. you totally deserved it :). I’m beginning to figure out that most people have no idea what they’re doing and just pretend that they do. And it’s okay. I love being in the company of all the awesome book bloggery people!


  3. Ooh, you picked from a great selection! I agree, Alyssa has her own humor that is incredibly enjoyable, Beth has a lovely minimalistic design, Opal is SO thoughtful, and Cait is definitely a blogger I think we all aspire to be at some point. And, of course, thanks for the shout-out! I’m glad that I’m such a dedicated blogger in your eyes, and I’m glad you’ve participated in the tag. Good stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

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