Shar and the Irate Librarian

irate librarian

Here’s something that happened to me a few weeks back that was absolutely hilarious (for me, at least). The picture is of a library book in the box we keep the library books in.

One misty Friday afternoon, Shar was going to check out Scarlet and Cress for the weekend. Unbeknownst to her, a librarian was perched on a stool, watching for miscreants. At the sight of Shar’s innocent countenance, the librarian was reminded of an incident a few days prior.

Shan’t had checked The Help out, and Shar had started reading it. When it was due to be returned, Shar decided to renew it in Shanti’s name (the thought of checking it out in her own name never crossed her rather vacant mind) Writing on the old fashioned yellow card with a pen and stamp, she renewed The Help.

“Are you sure you’re Shanti?” the librarian asked suspiciously. (a rather stupid question really, this is normally something one is rather sure of.)

After extensive questioning, Shar admitted she wasn’t. At that precise moment, Shanti strolled into the library.

“Shanti, you wanna check out this book, right?’ Shar asked casually. Shanti murmured assent. The miffed librarian looked on without comment, and let Shar go as a free woman.

Back in the present, Shar was at the desk, writing her name on Scarlet and Cress’s cards.

“Was it you who checked something out in your twin’s name?’ the librarian said angrily.’

“Yes, but it was because…”

“There are no excuses!” she snapped, volume rising. “That was deceitful and naughty.”

‘Naughty’ was not the word Shar would have used to describe her supposed crime, and it’s connotations made her suppress a smile.

“This is not a laughing matter! It is a very serious business! Don’t smile!” The rant (and Shar’s irrepressible smirk) continued as Shar stamped each card.

“If you check out a book, and then Shanti comes in, and I ask her do you have the book, and she tells me very innocently no, then what will happen? We will never get it back and you could steal it!” The volume had risen and attracted plenty of stares from those nearby.

Shar’s voice squeaked from restrained giggles “We share a room, so I think we would know about the books. We often read each other’s…’

‘This isn’t relevant to your room sharing, this is deceitful and criminal! If it continues, I’ll report you to the dean.’

The dean was Shar’s history teacher and she suspected he honestly would not care. After stamping her hand with one final expiry date (because she’s weird like that), Shar covered her grin with her books as the lecture closed.

“Stop laughing! This is an extremely serious matter….”

Shar heard no more as she hurried out the doors before collapsing into giggles.

What are your librarians like? What do you normally do while being chastised by voices of authority (Shar normally quivers and acquiesces, but this was an exception, because reasons)? Do you have an old fashioned library? Have you read Scarlet and Cress?

7 thoughts on “Shar and the Irate Librarian

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  2. NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY. YOUR BOOK PRIVILEGES HAVE BEEN REVOKED FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Seriously, though, that’s a little harsh. XD All the librarians I’ve ever met are kind, and always more than willing to help. In fact, they tend to be glad that you’re reading regardless of who is checking out what stuff on the same card. But, we have a more modern library, I think, although it doesn’t have a 3D printer or anything. 😛 And, I must say, in pursuit of Cress and Scarlet, your quest was noble and valiant. Congrats on your success. 🙂


  3. OMG. Naughty. Coming from a LIBRARIAN. Really, I find that the negative image of librarians is greatly exaggerated, because our school librarians are very nice. (That said, students are the ones responsible for checking out books, so that could make a difference?) I’m sorry to say, though, that HK public libraries have too few English books to be worth my while, so I can’t speak for that. But perhaps sometimes the stereotype turns out to be true, no?


    1. Yes, that day the stereotype was true. I don’t like that librarian, but the others are fine (their passion for young adult books and making people read is questionable, is all). I also just feel like the librarians at my school mainly thing their job is making people be quiet, since we study there, which is just dumb.


  4. Omg, seriously?!? A librarian called you naughty?!? OKAY THAT’S INTENSE. XD our librarians are really nice! In fact, I always turn up with 3 library cards…2 with different last names, hehe, and just borrow and pick up books for all these family members and it gets SO confusing trying to get the right books on the right cards, but I never get in trouble for it. It could aaaalso be that I usually have two preschoolers screeching behind me so everyone just tries to get me my books fast so I get out of there. 😛 Toddlers CAN be handy.


    1. Toddlers… useful takeover tool? What useful information I SHALL ABUSE IT. Too bad I have no toddler siblings, only a VERY cute and generally well behaved just-turned-7-year-old. It’s good your librarians are nice… I’ve had only good experiences with public librarians in New Zealand, but here quite a few librarians are staff spouses who they might as well have given the job to to avoid hiring other people (or maybe it’s just me)


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