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Shar’s story ideas

by Shar

Hello people! Most of you may know that I don’t write much. Or at all, really. But I do want to, and I hope to. I think I like to procrastinate, even when I have some really good ideas. The main reason I’m writing this post is to motivate myself to actually write these, and get tips from you guys on how to not procrastinate. I really do want to be a better writer and things, I just don’t know to actually make time to do it. So to people who’ve written novels (probably most of you) this may seem a little strange, but hey, whatever. I should note that I’m stealing this blog idea from about a zillion different people, but oh well.

  • Diana and the Golden Apples retelling (probably novel)

This is a Greek or Roman myth, I think. When I was younger, I had an audio story of it, and I did some research on other versions online. My interpretation is this: a girl is somehow left by her parents in the woods (robber attack or something?) and gets adopted by people who live there. She learns to run and hunt, and is the fastest runner in the village with the exception of her best friend, whose name begins with M (I don’t know why, okay?). Somehow, her parents find her and want her to get married. She says she will only marry a man who beats her in a race. Nobody can, until said best friend comes to try. He was injured in a war, and now, to slow her down, in their race, he throws 3 increasingly heavy golden apples for Diana to pick up. He wins, and they get married (kinda lame/predictable ending, really).

I feel this would make a great sic-fi retelling or something, I don’t know, but I really like the story and it would be fun to do something with.

  • Chocolate (yes, that’s a sucky title. I know. Probable short story? Historical)

I had this idea back in December, and I’ve worked on the story twice. But I didn’t really plan the plot, and when I worked on it the second time I changed everything on what I had done and never finished it.

This is a little simpler than the retelling; I imagine it would be set in the first half of the 20th century, in Dunedin (this is a  city in New Zealand with a chocolate factory). There’s an immigrant girl who lives with her grandparents (or some other relative) and gets a job there, where she is excluded, and there is a mayor/rich guy’s son, who really doesn’t want to be there. I think this could make an interesting story, even though I don’t know where to go with it.

I would have to do research into what the setting looked like at the time, immigrants there, attitudes towards immigrants, and how long that Cadbury factory has actually been there. (I’m told people from the US don’t know about Cadbury, the best chocolate in the world.(okay, that might be pushing it. Definitely the most prevalent, in my experience.) Is this true?)

This is my first draft of the other post this week
This is my first draft of the other post this week
  • Mud (novel or short story, I don’t know. And yes, this is also a terrible title. Dystopia)

This is a very random and unformed idea that I mentioned in a previous post. But basically, this scene floated into my head (when I was walking through the mud in Kashmir) of a girl, walking through a desert of mud, without a soul in sight. She has no wilderness skills but a destination in mind (I don’t know what that would be yet, but some kind of safe haven, I guess). I don’t want this to be too full of tropes, so I guess I have to think of some original disaster which creates the dystopia, and a way for the characters not to rebel but somehow work with the government to improve the current situation.

Do you have some novel ideas in a dark closet? What advice do you have for this procrastinating wannabe author? Which is your favourite genre to write? What’s the easiest? What’s your favourite to read?


10 thoughts on “Shar’s story ideas

  1. The only advice I have is — JUST WRITE. XD So infuriatingly unhelpful, right?! hehe. But totally, procrastination is the worst, I do know…gah, but I find the best way to get motivated is to set a date and then go for it. Like I tentatively am going to start writing on Sept 1st, unless something comes up. And so it makes me be trying to get all my ideas sorted and my TBR under control and just YEP. That’s how I motivate myself. 🙂
    OH I LIKE YOUR IDEAS. Particularly chocolate, because chocolate. But seriously, what weird humans don’t know that Cadbury is the best?!? DO THE USA NOT HAVE CADBURY?! OMG.


    1. I wouldn’t know about the US, because I’ve never been there. Thank you for the advice (all the other comments were like ‘great ideas’ rather than ‘shar, write stuff ok?) anyway, I have to get on to these now. I think it’s motivating for people to be like ‘I would love to read this’, so thank you!


  2. Oh, I think the Diana story sounds really intriguing – I’d totally read a retelling like that! And I’m so envious of you for HAVING story ideas – like you, I don’t write much, but I’d LOVE to have a go at NaNo. I’m sort of planning out a story, but my plot leaves a few things to be desired… (I still don’t know the main characters’ names!)
    Beth x


  3. I think your Diana retelling is actually the story of Atalanta, who was abandoned in the woods by her royal parents and raised by bears. She’s actually the only woman credited with joining Jason on the Argo. However, she either swore off men altogether after swearing an oath to Artemis (ish), or she swore she would never love again after her lover, Menelaus, died in her arms. However, like you said, her parents force her to run in a race, the dude drops the golden apples, she marries the dude, and then later they offend the gods and are turned into lions as punishment. You might look into more research than what I can give you, hahaha, but I thought I might fill at least a couple gaps.

    I was actually Atalanta for my sixth grade Halloween, so if you do write it, I’d be interested in reading it!

    Your other stories also sound good, but I think you might have to write them before you can tell us the structure. Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂


    1. Thank you Heather! I’ll have to do more reaseratch, but thanks for your help. I guess that would make sense, because Diana is the Roman equivalent of Artemis, I think. I guess I should look these up in my book of greek myths, and do more research 😀


    1. Thank you, Alyssa! Witches black and silver is definitely a WAY better title than witchy (although if it’s a book for 8 year olds, I’m sure they wouldn’t object). I feel like the title comes after the actual writing. (And I started on the mud one ,I’ve written about a page, but better than nothing I guess?)


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