Extraordinary Means Tag

I’m not here right now. I’m in Kashmir. But I read the book Extraordinary Means a little while ago, and you can see my review here. I thought I’d do the tag that the author created, because it seemed fun! Also, you can watch the amazing book trailer here.

1. I would give up the internet for a month for a signed first edition of this book.

I love Sabriel a LOT and it’s probably one of my favourite books. I fangirl excessively over it (stalk the archives!) and I would love to meet Garth Nix sometimes and have him sign this book. Or a really old book, like Little Women would also be amazing (and impossible because dead author.

2.I would give up pizza for a year if it meant that I could sit next to this author on a long plane ride.

Okay, for this one I’m choosing Elizabeth Wein, author of Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire. I’d like to ask her how she writes such emotional reads and what it’s like to fly a plane and whether she eats the tears of her readers.

3. I would sit through a thousand hours of advertisments if it would ensure that Hollywood (or another movie producing industry of your choice) made this book into a movie.

Oh, this is a hard one, because I hate advertisements (they are also very hypocritical) but I would love to see the world of Lost Voices on screen. I think it would be a very etheral, very stunning movie if done right.

4.I would never read a new book again if it meant that I could live inside of this book.

There are a lot of amazing story worlds out there, and it’s really hard to decide. The thing is that you kind of want to choose a friendly world to live in. I choose the True Meaning of Smekday, by Adam Rex, because there are floating cars and aspirins which become foam, which is amazing (as well as an alien called J.Lo. Really good middle grade book) and btw, covers go to goodreads!

5.I would let my google search history become public if I could become best friends with this author.

Lauren deStefano. I love her Perfect Ruin books and I want to read her other ones, but the amazingness that is her twitter has pretty much convinced me that she’s the coolest person who’d I’d like to be friends with. (Don’t worry, other awesome friends! You’re not being replaced) I don’t think I search too many things that I’d mind people seeing on google, by the way.

6. I would donate everything I own to charity if it meant that I could date this character in real life.

All of these questions are hard. Especially because among my belongings are my laptop and books (and awesome shoes). What character would be worth giving all that up for? I have to say that Abdi, from When We Wake by Karen Healey, is pretty amazing. He’s very sensitive, he’s from Djibouti, and he likes to sing, plus he’s sassy. So yeah. But there are many amazing characters in books, so it’s hard to say. Lane from Extraordinary Means is pretty awesome too though!

I tag…

Alyssa@ the devil orders takeout

Ana@ Butterflies of the Imagination

Engie@Musings from Neville’s Navel

and anyone else who wants to do it! (if you got tagged, you don’t have to do it either)

What extraordinary means would you go to for books, or what ones have you done in the past? Answer one of the questions in the comments if you want (I can’t reply until I return unfortunately)


2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Means Tag

  1. Omg, Lauren DeStephano is like the most AMAZING person on twitter. I would just favourite her tweets 2 million times if I could. XD I still haven’t read any of her books yet, but I waaaant to (just because of how awesome she is) XD I like this tag but, tbh, I don’t think I’d give up pizza for anything. HA I AM SO BAD.


    1. Yes she is, her tweets are hilarious…which reminds me, I really need to get twitter…) Her books are amazing too! I’ve only read three of them, but I’m starting on the fourth. Pizza is gold. You’re a rebel


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