A question of fiction: Celaena Sardothein

Happy Sunday people! (I guess we should get a name for all you awesome people who comment. I don’t know… comment any ideas?) This morning after about a month, I finished Throne of Glass. I also started reading Wonder by Raquel J. Palacio at someone’s house and I’m now desperate to finish it but I can’t find it on my digital library. I’ll look at my school library… anyway, I also have to decide what to read next. So anyway, since Shanti has been pestering me to do A Question of Fiction, I’ll do it with Celaena to the best of my ability. Also, with the game thing, is it too easy or too obscure? How did I do with Celaena’s voice? aquestionoffiction Interviewer: Welcome, Celaena! To break the ice, I’m going to ask you to play two truths and a lie with our audience (who have just obligingly agreed to comment which they think is the lie) If you don’t know what this is, it’s exactly what it sounds: tell us two truths and a lie about yourself and we’ll work out which is true. Celaena: I suppose I can do that… let’s see. I like pretty dresses. I almost died in Endovier. Killing has always been easy for me. Interviewer: Thank you, Celaena. What else can you tell us about your relationship with killing? Celaena: I learned to kill people at a young age. You could say it’s a special skill of mine. I don’t know if I can say more under my current contract. In fact, could you just call me Lady Lillian? Interviewer: All right. So Lady Lillian, which weapons do you like? Lillian: I think I’m only allowed to tell you that I’m… proficient in a wide range. Again, my contract. It’s kind of the most important thing to me right now, and your interview won’t change that. In fact, could we talk about things other than my… hmmmm… line of work?

I guess we could say this is a photo of Lillian
I guess we could say this is a photo of Lillian

Interviewer: As you wish. What do you like to do in your spare time? Lillian: I love reading a lot. I’ll read anything… fluffy romance, serious philosophy. Even nonfiction! Reading is the best way for me to research important things I need for my job. Luckily, I have some friends who like reading too. (Do your friends like reading? How do you react if they don’t? Do you find forgiveness in your soul? Tell me in the comments!) Nehemia and Mr. D (I can’t name him here) in particular. Sometimes we read the same books so we can discuss them. I also love food. (sadly, Throne of Glass was devoid of lavish food descriptions, while being somewhat long on the ornate dress descriptions) I’ve had times in my life where I really just ate what was available to me. Those days are no longer. I abhor most porridge, though. I love apples. (So do I) Some people think it’s improper etiquette for women to eat a lot, but I disagree. Nourishment is important to my line of work. I also enjoy running, exploring, lying in bed, and dancing. Interviewer: Thank you, Lillian. Do you have any advice for your listeners, before you go? (Read:the interviewer has to go to bed) Lillian: This advice is probably somewhat obscure, but believe me, and I know better than you, it’s important if you’ve been through what I have. When all seems lost, remember what you value most to find the strength to carry on. Freedom is only important after you’ve lost it. Beware of the unnoticeable poison. Girls in pretty dresses may not be what they seem. Be brave. Take risks. Be beautiful. You are stronger than you think.


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