If YA characters went to high school, Part Two

So my last ‘if YA characters went to high school’ was really popular, so I brought it back. I had a lot of fun writing about all these characters, and I hope that there’s someone everyone can recognise in there. Links go the the books Goodreads page, but there might be slight spoilers (no major plot details or anything though). Also, there are no contemporaries, because those characters already go to high school. Writing this made me realise that people are kind of the same wherever they are (which I sort of knew already but still)- people will be mean to each other and admire each other and talk about each other in high school as much as in fantasy, whether it’s expressed through cliques or nobility. Just some food for thought!

-“Whenever I compare myself to Fire I feel useless.”

typically, none of these books are YA and none of them are mentioned in this post
typically, none of these books are YA and none of them are mentioned in this post

“We all do- she’s pretty, and good at music and kick boxing. And she’s so quiet!”

“There’s something very alluring about her though…”

-“Barti is kind of the coolest rebel ever.”

“He was kicked out of class the other day for sassing the teacher.”

“I think that happens to him every day”

-“Nyx hit me the other day.”


“She couldn’t find Iggy or Shad. and I didn’t know where they were.”

“I can never work out which one she’s dating.”

-“Persis saved me! I was about to be hit by a ball in PE and she rushed me to our teams base. I’ll be grateful forever.”

-“Why is Elias never happy? He as an awesome best friend, good grades, he’s in the basketball game, he’s competing for school presidency, and his mother is the freaking principal!”

“I think he’s realised that all of that doesn’t ensure happiness.”

-“Belle Tinker is the girl who keeps this place running.”

“Is she? I’ve never really paid attention to her before.”

“She opens doors, straightens desks, volunteers at the library, and never gets mad. What would we do without her?

You’d be gone, Tiger. She does your homework while you are off with the outdoor ed boys. I’ve seen it.”

-“Morgan is, like, the typical new girl”

“She knows nothing about how this place works.”

“She was asking me all these dumb questions ‘what’s basketball?’ ‘Who is the king around here?’”

“I think she’s from the moon.”

-“I love Rafi with all my heart.”

“I’m still skeptical. He seems to have it all.”

“You would be skeptical, Jo. Is he still not leaving you alone?”

“Yeah, it was just once and he crushed me into my locker. I’m used to it, and his attention to make up for it is so irritating.”

-“Kestrel makes no sense”

“She hangs out with all these different people.”

“She’s hiding something, I don’t know what , but SOMETHING.”

What YA character would you like to see at your high school (or if you aren’t in high school, in your life)? Did you like my picks? Which of these books have you read?


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