Liebster and creative blogger awards

By Shar

Good afternoon people! (It’s afternoon here, but if you think about it it’s always after noon, after noon yesterday, or a decade ago.) The wonderful Alyssa nominated us for the Liebster Award, the Creative Blogger award, and the Books award. I’m just going to do the first two today, because time and stuff. thank you so much, Alyssa! Maybe I’ll get Shanti to do the other one at some point. Also, I am so proud of myself for doing 2 posts this week for the first time ever! Yay!

Liebster Award


I googled this and it’s apparently supposed to be kind of like ‘getting to know you’ for blogs with less than 200 followers. (So we definitely fufill this. We have to answer these questions that Alyssa helpfully provided

. 1.What First World problem would you solve? Technically, I don’t live in the first world, but I was born there, and I live lille one, so I suffer all the problems. *sniff sniff* I would like to solve the problem of the Wi Fi not working. How can I survive not being able to do homework, and check my favourite blogs? How?

2.You have the magical power to create any one drink you want. ANY. Which drink? I would create something with all the berries, and is sparkly, and thick, and has layers of chocolate, and a lot of sugar and deliciousness.

3.Best life hack you’ve learned? I wouldn’t call this the best, but recently I discovered hand sanitiser is an excellent nail polish remover. (I had just painted my nails and they weren’t fully dry when I went and climbed the wall nest to my house bare foot to get some berries. The paint on one toe got all mounted (look it up) and I had to redo. Anyway.)

4.Ice cream or cake? How about both? But probably cake, I guess. It depends on the ice cream, really.

5.Chocolate or coffee? Coffee is so gross. I don’t like it. Definitely chocolate. Every time

. 6. Which tribute in the 75th Hunger Games would you sponsor and why? Probably one that seems like they’ll win, so a career. I’m not much of a risk taker. Or Foxface, cause she’s so smart.

7. Weapon of choice?

I’m not a violent person and I’m very clumsy, so I’m lucky I’m even allowed to help cut vegetables. However, I guess a dagger or a sword? Also, tickling. I am very vulnerable to tickling.

8. Describe your ideal pet dragon.

My ideal pet dragon wouldn’t get super big, maybe up to the size of a horse. (so I could ride it. Or quite small so it could sleep on my bed. It would be cerulean with translucent purple wings. I would call it Galadriel.

Creative blogger award- Thanks again, Alyssa! 


Here are the rules:

~Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
~Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
~Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
~Pass these rules on to them
Here are some facts about me: (I might do more than 5, but oh well)
1. I am about 156 cm tall ( That’s about 5’1 if you use the idiotic imperial system)
2. I don’t live on a road, and my house is surrounded by trees. I have to walk partly down a slippery dirt path and then through other buildings to get to school, which takes between 5 and 10 minutes depending on how much of a hurry I’m in, but because it’s a hill I take at least 10 minute back.
3. My house is called council rock, because it has a big rock in the middle like the one in the Jungle Book, and all the houses around here have names because of not having house numbers or anything. I used to live in Maple Cottage and before that, Redburn View.
4. My dog is named Edmund after the character in Narnia (His previous owners named him. It’s a long story.)
5. I don’t play the trombone.
6. I have recently begun playing Dungeons and Dragons.
7. Right now it is mango season and I eat mangoes almost every day and it’s very amazing and cheap and great.
8. I dislike malls.
9. I don’t have goodreads.
I feel like that’s enough.
In terms of nominees, most people I can think of have already been nominated by Alyssa, or already have it. . If you’re not mentioned here and know this blog, etc, etc, and don’t fall in the above categories, I’d be happy to nominate you, so just comment or something. (Heather, I know you were already nominated, but here’s some more incentive to accept the awards or something?)

7 thoughts on “Liebster and creative blogger awards

  1. We are the same height! *hi fives* ohhh, and I envy your mangoes. I used to live at the top of Australia and we had mangoes GALORE. Now? Boo. I live nearish the bottom and mangoes are expensive and my heart cries about it sometimes. >.> I want a dragon like that, too, though! I’d be awful and call it Toothless because TOOTHLESS IS SO DARN CUTE.


    1. Well yes, toothless is cute. I don’t really like the movies. Yay short people! I used to feel bad about my height but I’ve got over it. Mangoes are just the best. So great!!! Deliciousness. From green mangoes with chilli and salt to mango lassi (basically milkshakes) and plain and on cereal and oh yes may is one of my favourite months.


  2. Thanks so much for tagging me! 🙂 I need to get on these pronto, and I think I’ll make today a work-on-blogging day for that purpose! I’d be really interested to hear the story of your dog someday, and I think it’s interesting you don’t have Goodreads. I do, but more for convenience than out of using it to keep track of what I read. I like that your house is called “Council Rock,” too. It’s fun to name things! And you’re right, tickling is the worst weapon ever. Thanks for tagging me, and I shall get to it soon!


    1. You’re welcome! My dog used to belong to my neighbours, who were really into Narnia. We went to the same church and shanti and I would babysit their kids. Sometimes we’d go on walks and take their dogs with us. But when they left to go back to the US, we decided to move into their house because the rent was cheaper. One of the dogs had died at this point. They asked us if we would look after their dog, and we agreed. When these dogs we puppies, our neighbours had found them abandoned, tied up in a sack.


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