Bumped, thumped, jumped?

By Shar

Question of the day: How many words can you think of that rhyme with ‘jump’ (I can think of quite a few) Recently, as you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging that much. Yeah, school has made me study like mad and yeah. Anyway, I’m basically free after the 20th so that’ll be good. Now I’m free of Jane Eyre (yeah! That ending though) I’ve read Heist Society (a reread) and Im halfway through Throne of Glass. But what I’m join to review today is Bumped and Thumped by Megan McCafferty. They were rather good, even though they were rereads. So let’s begin!

Title: Bumped and Thumped (sequel)

Authour: Megan McCafferty

Genre: YA dystopia

Themes: Teen pregnancy, twins (yay!), conservatism vs. liberalism, values and belief systems

Other pertinent information: I’ve read Bumped twice before and Thumped once before (like I said, I’m a sucker for rereads. Why take the risk on a new book when you can just stay with a select bunch of favourites?)

My blurb for bumped: New Jersey, 2036. The Human Progressive Strerility Virus means that almost everyone over 18 can’t reproduce. Suddenly, teenagers are the most important part of society, and they’re pushed to have children and even ‘go pro’ and be paid for their deliveries.

There’s these identical twins who were separated at birth (they always are) and they finally meet. Melody’s whole life revolves around her contract to deliver a baby to the Jaydens. For two years she’s been waiting for the Jaydens to find the perfect father for their children, and her world is turned upside down when her identical sister Harmony turns up at her door- the only flaw in her file, the only person who could ruin the uniqueness quotient she’s been chosen for.  Harmony has been brought up in the ultra conservative Church and is determined to convert Melody. But Harmony has some secrets of her own, and both their lives are about to change.

Thumped blurb: It’d be hard to really explain without giving something away but I like this book more. It really questions the morality of selling babies as objects, forcing teens to have sex and a lot of other things.images

I liked both these books because a) It had Christianity in a round, developed way (unlike Heather’s recent post), b)I think the characters were well developed, c)the romance was present but nuanced (not like a lot of YA where, say, they just meet and throw themselves at each other or they’re the only people in some bleak dystopian landscape and just happen to fall in love) but rather they have actual fights and difficulties and can’t spend their whole time kissing cause they’re too busy changing the nation’s worldview, d) it’s got a good plot, and many other things. I really liked Melody’s and Harmony’s relationship, They didn’t immediately just understand each other (and twins don’t do that all that often) but by the end they really are friends, and Melody doesn’t see Harmony as an enemy, and they’re able to tease each other and watching this relationship grow is incredible. I also found Melody’s and Zen’s relationship really amazing (Zen is Melody’s best friend), and Harmony and Ram (I’m not going to explain this because spoilers… but it’s not romance). I found it a very realistic world, and it brought up some really fascinating issues that I liked.

However, I really felt Melody’s relationship to her parents was a bit weird. They were never there for various reasons, and they were so odd. She sounded really grateful to them but they were horrible. I also wasn’t super excited about some of the characters like Lib. The time frame was tiny, which was annoying, especially in Thumped, when the skipped 8 and a half months of important stuff and then boom the book starts and they tell you all this stuff.

Favourite characters: Melody, Jondoe (a Reproductive Proffesional who is assigned to me melody’s baby’s father but then complicated), Zen, and Ram.

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 4/5

Setting: 3/5

Premise: 4/5

Total: 4/5

Have you read these books (or the Jessica Darling books?) Do you have a favourite dystopian? What do you think about teen pregnancy, and what other books have you read with it?


8 thoughts on “Bumped, thumped, jumped?

  1. I find teen pregnancy stories really interesting, too, and one of my favorites is How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr. It’s contemporary, but it’s raw and real and deals with all kinds of difficult issues. And the charries are beautiful and wonderful and unique… It’s just great.
    And I’ll definitely have to find these! They look super good!



    1. That sounds like a really good book. I’ll have to look for that in my local library. I think teen pregnancy is a really complex, interesting interview and it’s important to deal with in books as well. Thanks for visiting!


  2. I read this really traumatic teen pregnancy book called A Small Touch of Madness and OMG. Basically I am sad and scarred and…it was just a train wreck. (As in the story was, the book was perfectly well written. XD) I haven’t read or heard of these books but I’m definitely intrigued! I kind of like stories about twins. 😉


    1. yeah me too 😀 I actually find teen pregnancy very interesting… other books with teen pregnancy that I’ve read are impossible by Nancy Werlin (interesting, involves fairytales and family curses, if you can suspend your disbelief), and I’ve read quite a few others whose titles I can’t remember… I think I’d be interested to read more because I’ve never been exposed to that in my life (I’m so protected, I swear)


  3. I haven’t read these, but I’ve been tempted to pick them up, and I may just. I like this genre in general, so hopefully I’ll enjoy it when I get to it! And, thanks for the shout-out, even if you’re right and I was biased. 🙂


  4. I think I started thumped, but then realized it was a sequel and quit. Great review! now READ THRONE OF GLASS and good luck with exams!


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