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Unlikely Heroes in Room 13b

I felt like reviewing this book. It is totally awesome and the characters are complex and wonderful and I liked them a lot. You should go and read this book, okay? Its a short review, so just bear with me :).

This was a really great book. An appealing protagonist and other characters, a believable plotline and really good writing made this book fabulous and something which you should GO AND READ ASAP
Adam was a really well written character. He loved and lived and had an anxiety disorder sort of thing as well as OCD. I could really get into his head. I totally understood him. I am a fidgety person- nothing like OCD of course, but my finger tapping patterns do help calm me down. I knew absolutely nothing about OCD before reading this, even though my mother works in mental health. All of the other characters were also great. I loved Snooki and Thor, and of course there is Robin/Robyn. I loved how Adam always referred to her as Robyn, because he saw the real truth. The lies of the characters just made so much sense and were so heartbreaking. Also, the ‘new Robin’- Adam’s brother was great, and so were his family.
Believable plots aren’t always what I look for in a novel, but this one was believable, and that was good. The letters weren’t as important as they were made out to be but, still they were interesting and kept the plot moving. The plot was held together to a large extent by lies and secrets, but that was explained in context of the characters and their choices. The timespan it covered and the ending were PERFECT.
Of course, I loved the writing style. It really let me get inside Adam’s head, and I felt the emotions, the setting and the characters so strongly through the choice of words. Just once or twice it was a little repeptiive- Adam did this he thought that he felt that, but mostly it was a great expression of the characters. It was a similar i tone to Harry Potter but we were with Adam the whole time. I think it worked better than first person to express Adams sense of isolation and fear, and I liked the emotions it conveyed.
Fabulous expression of mental illness. Tick. Really great characters. Tick. Amazing writing. Tick.
I would totally read another book by this author, and you should totally read this book, if you want to understand OCD and see lovable characters and LAUGH YOUR GUTS OUT at people wanting to wash their hands in church.

7 thoughts on “Unlikely Heroes in Room 13b

    1. Rich plots are awesome. To some extent I do like secrets and lies, but if that is the sole basis of the plot (like the Winners Crime) it irritates me a bit, but this book was great. Also very sad


  1. I think I saw a glowing review of this book, or at least one that convinced me I should check it out — maybe it was on Paper Fury? Anyhow, I love realistic portrayals of mental illnesses, so it’s good to know another book blogger liked it too 😀


    1. Yeah, I saw Caits review and quickly ordered it from the library. This book is really sad, but also really good. I’m a book blogger you like *grins happily*


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