A Question of Fiction: America Singer

Today, we are excited to welcome Miss America Singer on a Question of Fiction. America is a musician, a Five, a family member, a competitor in the Selection… but mostly just a normal girl. To find out more about her life in the palace, go and look at this video and this video (note: contains spoilers) aquestionoffiction

Interviewer: Hi, America! It’s a delight to have you here. I see that your family is very important to you. Do you have any childhood memory which you would like to share? America: Oh, thanks! I’m happy to be here. I do love my family, and I’m so privileged to have so many people who love me. One of my favourite memories is when I was about Eight. Miraculously, none of my family had any artistic engagements that day. We went and had a picnic, all of us. Gerard was just a baby, Kenna was sixteen, I was nine, May was three. Even our boring food which is not enough for sustenance –sandwiches and salad and lemonade was delicious, just because of the sparkling sunlight and happiness. All of us girls spun in circles, until we were a contented pile giggling on the grass.

Interviewer: Oh, that sounds fun! How did you feel about leaving your home to come to the palace? America: I’m a Five (caste). We’re pretty much the lowest of the low except for Six’s, Seven’s and Eight’s. We live in a small house. We’re always tripping over each other. The palace feels too empty sometimes. I have made friends here, and new experiences have shaped me into who I am now… but nothing could replace that closeness of family. Interviewer: Not even two really good looking and awesome guys?

America: Not even them. I love both the guys in my life… and I feel angry with them sometimes two. It’s hard to wear pretty dresses and sit correctly in chairs and have my make up done all day. I can’t help feeling that there must be more than this to being a princess… The guys help, of course. My heart is confused though, and I’m not sure who I am and what I want… and then I feel guilty.

Interviewer : Being confused about your identity is certainly a common teenage experience. If you become a princess, though, you’ll have to make changes and be involved politically. What are some changes that you’d like to make? America: I am so uncertain. All the time. I try to listen to myself and not let other people influence my decision to be in the palace, but it’s hard. The choice… to become a princess… it’s even harder. It’s hard for me to grasp how it would change my life. But if I was going to be a princess, I WOULD GET RID OF THE CASTE SYSTEM.

Interviewer: *covers ears* America (continues) : Sorry. I just feel really passionate about this. In addition to how it totally defies human rights (something I only learnt about from Gregory Illea’s journals) people suffer. Some days, I only stay here, I don’t go to Maxon and force him to send me home because I know the money from the palace is supporting my family. Is it fair for me and May to have to share a room? Is it fair that Aspen never gets enough to eat because he gives it too his sisters? Is it fair that as a Five, I can’t choose my own path in life. No. No it is not. My life at home pretty much sucks- we only have meat once a week- and it is hard for me to understand that. I would also like to learn about more of Illea’s history. Being isolated from our history makes it difficult to understand how our actions will influence the future.

Interviewer :That’s really interesting. I would love to see what would happen you do become princess. America: Maxon is certainly good looking enough.

Interviewer*annoyed at interruption*: You’re a creative person… a singer, I believe. Who are your favourite artists? What is your favourite part of singing? America: I do love music. Unlike pretentious Celeste. One of my favourite artists is someone who I’ve only heard once… it was part of the kings archives which Maxon showed me a few weeks ago. She sang about broken hearts and true love and flowers… I believe she was called Taylor Swift. Another artist who I really love to hear is my mother. She plays the piano with such delicacy and our relationship may not always be easy, but I love her and her vibrant life translates into music. I’ll have trouble deciding on more, though… I suck at making choices. I guess I like singing because it takes me to another place where I have power and know exactly where I belong.

Interviewer: And finally, what is your favourite food?

America: Food is a topic which I’m very passionate about. Just ask Maxon! Since coming to the palace I’ve had so much good food… passion fruit bites, peach strudel, berry cake… spare ribs, cheese and broccoli and quiche and casserole….

Who am I kidding? Strawberry tarts win ever single time.

Americasinger1 America Singer 2 America Singer 3 Interviewer: Thanks so much for talking to us, America. Here are several pictures of Mer (as she likes to be called)- she kindly agreed to model for us. Did you like this interview? Have you read any of the chronicles of America’s life? Have you ever had to choose between two handsome guys? Tell us in the comments!


11 thoughts on “A Question of Fiction: America Singer

    1. thanks Opal! I loved getting into America’s head, she’s definitely an interesting character and I’m excited to see what she is like in the Heir (even though I know these books aren’t literary classics, they’re very enjoyable reads)


  1. Bahaha! This is a spot-on interview, Shanti! I should definitely get to reading The Elite… or maybe I should wait for the last two books to release so I can binge? Oh, and I love those photos of the end of the post! Mer’s definitely very photogenic. 😉

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings


    1. The Elite is the most boring (in my opinion) because America is so indecisive. This series is addictive and enjoyable though, so I read it anyway. And yes, I love the covers!


  2. THIS WAS GREAT. I still need to finish this trilogy…omg, but it’s not a trilogy anymore, right?! isn’t there going to be two more books? I NEED GET ONTO THIS.


  3. SO accurate! ha I can totally see her singing love story and not having a clue who romeo and juliet were. and what happened to them….


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