If YA characters attended high school

Hello blog readers. Today I am attempting to mimic high school gossip and how ridiculous it is by writing gossip about your favourite YA characters in high school. There will be mild spoilers for the books linked and one big one for Throne of Glass. Read on if you dare!

  • “Did you hear that Celanea broke up with Dorian?”


  • Liesel fell over today and scraped her knee.”

“She’s totally athletic.”

“She always beats me.”

“I know.”


  • Chanda’s been missing for a few days now.”

“I think she has family troubles.”

“Well, at least the teachers are happy to see me in the absence of their prodigy.”


  • Cinder spends all her time in the woodshop.”

“Sometimes she sells her creations. I don’t think she has much money”

“She’s kind of weird. She limps everywhere.”

“Kai likes her, though. I wonder why?”


“I think Elder uses his position as head of school council to his advantage.”

“Amy makes him. Or they work as a team. It’s sort of hard to tell.”

“They’re so different from us.”

up and away

  • Luce has disappeared.”

“I miss her singing.”

“She didn’t talk much, did she?”

“I think she was sad. But I don’t know why.”


  • “Ever since Po came, Katsa has been distracted.”

“Good for us, really. You know her cousin used to get her to beat his enemies up? She’s stopped doing that.”

“Yeah, now she just, like, beats Po up when they practice soccer together.”


“He only likes Allie, though.”

“I wish he’d pay attention to me. I wouldn’t reject him like she does.”

“I think she’s wary of the fact that his mum is the principal.”


“I can’t believe it. They’re like, each other’s worst enemies.”

“Maybe it’s that thing where they hate each other to hide the attraction.”

“Yeah right….”


  • “I used to think that Eva and Addie were exactly the same.”

“Me too… especially because they’re identical twins.”

“I never realised that Eva had such strong opinions”

“Or that discussing historical censorship would make her so mad.”


  • Ruby, Liam and Chubs go everywhere with each other”

“They spend all their time together for some reason.”

“They probably find navigating highschool as hard as we do.”


Do you experience high school gossip? Do you know these characters? Tell us in the comments!



16 thoughts on “If YA characters attended high school

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  2. Oh wow, this is super fun. You should totally do more of these! I only recognised Throne of Glass and Cinder, unfortunately, but those two were super fun. I’m practically begging you now, make a series out of these! I don’t know, maybe add some setting, [enter and exit characters], so on and so forth? I would love to read them 😀


  3. OMG THESE ARE SO PERFECT!! I died at Sturmhond’s…so. so. perfect. And then giggled at June and Day and Eve and Addy’s is SO GOOD. You are so genius. 😉


    1. I love Sturmhond. I wish he went to my school. I tried to do a variety of popular YA so that everyone could recognise something. I love getting into characters heads, so I’m glad it worked! Thanks Cait


  4. YAY I RECOGNIZED MOST OF THESE! All of them are amazing ❤ Ahh yes this post is so cool because I can totally see myself fangirling and buzzing with the latest gossip on fictional characters and go all squeaky and ship them in real life 😉 *whispers* Oh, and can you just imagine walking up to Kai and telling him to talk to Cinder or something?!


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