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This Song Will Save Your Life

By Shar Good day or night, awesome readers! On wednesday I read two books and did very little else. I did read one chapter of one the night before (I think, I can’t remember even though it was that recent) and I had started reading the other about a year ago, but I began from the beginning. I’m going to review one now and one some other time, I’ll probably schedule it. Now you’re probably wondering ‘what are these books she speaks of?’ If you’re very intelligent, you may have surmised that one of them was This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales. The other one was a collab called How To Be Bad. But that’s not important. And tell me in the comments: Have you read this song will save your life? What did you think? What other books about bullying and DJ’ing have you read? Do you think that American schools are portrayed as having more bullying? Title: This Song Will Save Your Life Author: Leila Sales Themes: Bullying, acceptance, suicide, school, parties Genre: contemporary

and this is the weather I have to enjoy when it's the holidays!
and this is the weather I have to enjoy when it’s the holidays!

DSC02266My blurb: Elise has been bullied and excluded at school her whole life. She hates it. So the summer after 9th grade she begins her next big project- to become popular. She watches the right movies, buys the right clothes, and learns the names of all the famous pop artists. But she can’t make herself listen to the awful pop music. On her first day, she expects everyone to notice, to include her, to feel like she finally fits in. But nothing has changed. So she does something drastic. 9 months later, everything’s changed. Elise’s parents watch Elise closely, but they don’t realise that she sneaks out every night, to walk and be alone. But one night, Elise randomly finds a dance party. In a warehouse. At 2 am. For the first time she has real friends,a place to belong, and a passion-DJing. But what is Elise’s true identity? Is Start really the place for her? How can she hide herself from her parents? Things are getting complicated fast. What I liked: Elise was a great character who really developed over the novel, and was flawed and interesting. I liked the family-her little siblings, her dad, and her relationships with them, and that they weren’t mysteriously absent the entire time. The setting was interesting and complex. It portrayed blended/separated families in a realistic way, I think, although I’m not that experienced in such areas.  The language was raw and honest. There were a lot of secondary characters who were interesting, and some lovely quotes like ‘”I don’t believe that anyone who is a legitimately interesting person can ever be popular as a teenager”‘. The premise was interesting, and I liked learnign more about Dj’ing. What I disliked: My school is not that clique-ey. Nobody I know would ever do something as mean as what was done to Elise. The romance was meh and weird and disturbing, and one thing Elise did was really mean. She didn’t seem to spend much time at school, and I think that setting wasn’t developed enough. And if Elise was so amazing and precocious, why did she care so much about popularity? I also wished somebody at some point actually explained how all the DJing works for clueless people like me.


Lanugauge: 3/5

Plot:4/5 (interesting but predictable)


Cover: 3/5(pretty but hard to read, the highlighted words LOVE didn’t really make sense)

Character: 4/5

Total: 3.75/5 (because decisions are hard)

13 thoughts on “This Song Will Save Your Life

  1. I’ve actually heard of this one, and I really want to read it haha. Somehow it has sparked my interest, and I’m curious after reading the blurb though. I’d love to read this soon. I’m sorry you didn’t really like some parts though 😦 Agh underdeveloped settings are sad.

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books


    1. Well hmmm it was more like a normal, okay but not super stron setting. You should read it because I’m curious about what other people think. I made up the blurb, and called it a blurb because I hate spoilers! Anyway, I know some people loved it so you should try 🙂


  2. I really loved this one. XD Buuut, I did read it like 3 years ago or something (okay, maybe 2 years ago, I don’t even know, I don’t keep track of life) and I liked it a lot, although I wasn’t sure about the cliquey thingies being realistic, buuut, I had a lot of bad experiences with cliques when I was about 12-14, so it does happen. But I don’t know about to the extent that people ignored Elise. UGH TO THE DJ DUDE THOUGH. He was creepy. -_-


    1. I know! He was way older! I thought Elise was so smart and awesome and he kinda ruined everything! He was so clueless about being nice to people too. Well I was indecisive (Which is very hard to spell, but than spellcheck). I think it’s weird when contemporaries aren’t realistic. Anyway, oh well.


  3. Oh, This Song Will Save Your Life! I’ve heard so much about it — but it’s contemporary and I’m not very sure about contemp, so probably not. Also, I totally sympathise with the 3.75 — decisions ARE hard.


    1. That’s funny, because I really love contemporary as a genre. Maybe it’s a book people have difficulty making decisions about, or something. Anyway, sometimes it’s good to branch out on genres- because sometimes you find something you’re surprised to love.


  4. I haven’t read this book, and I’m not sure I’m going to. I mean, it sounds like it would be a good book for other people, but it is not really my genre. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    1. Aaaah you’re the third person who has said that! Oh no! I mean I mostly liked it… it looked at popularity and bullying and things. But there’s no point if it’s not your type I guess. I hope this review was helpful anyway.


    1. I think it’s interesting and mostly good, but I did try to show what I disliked about it. I think I liked that it was more about her family love and love of DJing than other love, for example but the other romance sucked so I dunno. Thanks, though 🙂


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