Yay chalk! and also no school

By Shar

So what’s new in my life right now? I just KNOW you are all DYING to hear. Basically, I have been extremely busy with schoolwork and tests and homework and just generally that’s bad.  But now I have a week long break and so hopefully I can do some posts and maybe schedule some. I don’t know. Anyway, on Sunday I had no homework and so among many other things, I made some chalky art because I found some chalk in my sister’s room. And so I will show you these things and how I made them. Also, if you have any idea what to call them, please say, because I don’t. I was just calling them ‘chalk thingies’ and I can do so much better than that.

you will need:

  • black paper
  • coloured paper
  • chalk
  • hairspray (which I didn’t have so I used official art fixative at school after taking the photos)

DSC02251 DSC02252 DSC02254 DSC02259 DSC02263

Making these thingies isn’t too hard. Draw something cool with chalk on the black paper and stick it to the coloured paper.

I also drew on paper cranes and this blackboard paint on our cupboard.

Now it’s getting late (I opened this draft 3 and a half hours ago and dramatically procrastinated. It’s shocking)

I have so many books to read this break! Shanti suggested  This Song Will Save Your Life, and How To Be Bad, and I STILL haven’t finished Jane Eyre. (School does that to you). Also, next month we will probably post less because of external exams, which is sad. But don’t expect complete abandonment of blogging, for it is indeed a most wonderful way to procrastinate. (also easy to procrastinate on, like I said. I am a chronic procrastinator.)


9 thoughts on “Yay chalk! and also no school

  1. Holidays are the BEST aren’t they? 🙂 Anyway, enjoy your free time away from the stress and tests of school. These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Seriously. I wish I could do stuff like this — but then again I’m pretty much artistically challenged with anything like that. ^_^ I also definitely recommend This Song Will Save Your Life; honestly, I’m not a massive contemp. fan, but I loved this book. Enjoy!


  2. YAY FOR HOLIDAYS. My sister is finally on holidays….although she’s totally loaded with homework and music practise that I’ll still probably not get to do anything with her. -_- BUT STILL. Holidays are awesome. And that chalk art is sooo cool. I love the first picture. Ooh, paper cranes! I fold paper cranes. xD


    1. *whispers stalkerishly* Yes, I saw your paper cranes on your instagram and etsy. I have plenty of homework and music practice too… but I still haven’t done most of it. Yesterday I made a matching drawing on the other cupboard door, similar but with a flower. Anyway, thanks! 🙂


  3. Oh wow, this is a FABULOUS tutorial with such amazing pictures. (I am afraid of getting my fingers messy, though.)

    Possibly I shall combine this with Easter eggs because it is nearly Easter and that is good.


    1. Yes, Easter is good. Oh, I should try to get y family to decorate eggs. We don’t have any chocolate eggs though unfortunately. Thank about the pictures. I just took them on the floor. I didn’t know how helpful it would be. XD


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