Cakes! Books! Excitement!

Hi Everyone! So, Cait tagged me for the Cake Book Tag and I was really happy to participate. I love baking, and cakes, and books+ cakes are the best thing ever. So, without further ado, let me begin.



I used a gif for the first time! for you, Cait


A book that started slowly and turned out amazingly.

Code Name Verity starts pretty slowly, and there is a lot of information, so it could be quite confusing, but at the end, you will be sobbing from the feels and not care a jot. Sorcery, Cecelia is also slow to start, but it really improves. I dnf’d it twice and then I read it and then I loved it.


A book with an incredibly detailed and rich plot

Harry Potter is undeniably detailed, and I love how well the plot strands are interwoven. Yet it never feels like infodumping. A Curse Dark as Gold is also excellent- it combines the story of Rumpelstiltkin, a strong heroine, and the historical fiction elements in this complex, wonderful way.


A book that you thought you would dislike, but was actually amazing.

Oh negative reviews! What you do to our reading. I was pretty ambivalent about Cruel Beauty…its start was a little weird, but it turned out great, and I loved the way it was told. Across the Universe also had a strange beginning, but I love it anyway. And Beth Revis explores moral dilemma really complexly and well, plus I love her characters.


A fluffy, sweet and fun book

I have several goodreads shelves for these books. One is entitled ‘light” and the other is called ‘short and sweet’ (unlike some Epic Fantasies I could name) Better Off Friends and Everything Leads to You, both books I really enjoyed, fit into this category.


A book you will love forever and ever because it is (almost) perfect and fulfills your exacting requirements

This is pretty much my favourite book. So you get to hear all about the amazingness that is these books. And also, you should read them asap, because I love them, and I am awesome and also always right. You guys have heard a LOT about my love of Garth Nix and Michelle Cooper (links to posts about them) so I’ll (try) to mix it up a bit. I love Clockwork Princess, because of the characters, and an interesting plot and setting. The Girl of Fire and Thorns looks at believing in yourself, wielding power and religion in this fascinating fantasy (say that 7 times fast) setting.


a book that always cheers you up

Hmm.. maybe I should create a goodreads shelf for ‘happy place’ for these sort of books. This Song Will Save Your Life and Percy Jackson fit these requirements for me.

Baking Powder (my addition to this tag)

A book you think is absolutely necessary for everyone to read (there is no cake without baking powder, right)

I think Chandas Wars and Chandas Secrets are one of the best depictions of hardship, family and resilience EVER. Artemis Fowl is an incredibly realistic character study of evil and development. And Shadow and Bone is incredibly beautiful and moving in every way.

And Finally : Cherry on the Top

This post is giving me many goodreads shelf ideas “best ever 2015′ comes to mind. I loved Beka Cooper: Terrier, The Burning Sky and Tiger Lily.

And that’s it! This was exhausting and time consuming (adding links always is) and I have lots of homework! And now my neck is sore from a computer overdose. I tag

Alyssa@The Devil Orders Takeout

Heather@ Sometimes I’m a Story

and Nirvana@Quenching the Quills


11 thoughts on “Cakes! Books! Excitement!

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  2. Kyaaaaaaaaaa! A Girl of Fire and Thorns! The YA Fantasy that defined and set the standards of YA Fantasy for me! I’m so happy to see it in this post. I’m such a huge fan of this series that I am really wishing Rae Carson will write another one with similar elements, because I simply need more of it.

    And that cake GIF is weirdly enchanting. I think I’ve watched it on loop for more than a hundred times now. DON’T JUDGE ME. Haha!

    Faye at The Social Potato


    1. It IS a very appealing gif somehow. makes me hungry xD. Ugh, a Girl of Fire and Thorns is SO SO amazing. I am beyond excited for Walk on Earth a Stranger. And the characters are amazing, especially Hector and Elisa and Mara and …. I could fangirl all day, and I’m glad that I have company !!
      We try to make Weaving Waves Words a judgment free zone.


  3. Aw your first gif! YAY. And it was a delicious gif too. IAM PROUD. :’)

    also yes yes yes to the baking powder addition. That is just too perfect. And omg, your cherry on top books are all colour-coordinated and BEAUTIFUL. I love Tiger Lily! And there are so many books here that I really want to read! Like the Infernal Devices aaand Across the Universe and The Burning Sky. OMG. I must get reading. heeh.

    So glad you liked the tag!!


    1. They’re all orange! I didn’t even notice that. Yesyesyes, read them, read them. Its interesting how much you can tell about a books genre by looking at the cover. I have to get better a gifs, except I don’t really know where to find them
      Baking Powder Books, Like Chandas Wars, are really powerful, even if they are hard to read. I think Hush by Eishes Chayil fits into that category too


  4. Surprisingly, I haven’t read any of these books yet, but I’ve been meaning to read Cruel Beauty and The Burning Sky for a long time now. A Curse Dark As Gold and The Girl of Fire and Thorns look really good, too!


    1. I love all of these books QUITE A BIT, so I would love to hear from you about your opinions of them if you ever get around to reading them. A Curse as Dark as Gold is a very different original fairytale if you’re into that sort of thing

      Liked by 1 person

  5. CRUUUUUUUUEEEEEEL BEAUTY DFKLSDJFKLSDJFSDKLFJSDLKFJSDFKLJSD YAS YAS YAS YAS YAS YAS YAS. And Shadow and Bone and Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl. *giggles to self* fklasdjfklasjd I love those things, heheheheheheheh. Thank you so much for tagging me! I think I already have tags lined up for the next three-ish weeks, but unless the world ends between now and then I’ll get to it at the end of April! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes all these books are excellent. And now I’m looking at all my answer and I’m like : there are 5x this many of my favourite and amazing books which I could have included. I’m excited to see you answers!


  6. Yay, thanks for tagging me! (Cannot wait to get to all the cake goodness.) I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t read most of the books you’ve mentioned, although many ARE on my TBR (Code Name Verity, and Girl of Fire and Thorns). I did read Shadow and Bone though, but didn’t like it THAT much; it was a nice read but didn’t impress me? I’ve heard the next book is drastically better though, so I might still check it out …


    1. CAKES ARE THE BEST. All baking is pretty much amazing. Read them asap, because they are my favourite! I especially think that you’d love Garth Nix, even though he isn’t mentioned here. Another ‘baking powder ‘ book is Hush by Eishes Chayil which is a very powerful novel.


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