Loony Blurbs

By Shar

Today I’m going to do Loony Blurbs. This is a monthly linkup hosted by Emily@loonyliterate. Basically, we have to make blurbs for books we haven’t read based on the titles alone. This month’s is really hard, because they are all one word titles. I’m going to be using 5 that Emily suggested, because I’ve already read 2 of the books on the list and homework. So tell me… have you read any of these books? Was I close? (I doubt it but whatever). 


  1.  Seed by Lisa Heathfield23013819

Drew has grown up with the Rules. They govern her life in every way, from when she goes to school, when she eats her meals, who she talks to, what she says, when she goes to sleep and when she when she dreams.

One day, though, her dream is different somehow. Drew can’t remember all of it the next morning- only that there were people who claimed to make the rules, and they were asking her to be a seed.Her confusion grows when she realises her rules are gone. She can’t find the paper, or the documents on her  E.

What does her dream mean? How can she be a seed? Who made these mysterious rules? Drew will have to find out. Because without her Rules, she’s lost.

2. Gingerbread by Rachel CohnUnknown-1

Baking is Pete’s favourite thing. Every summer and winter holiday, he works at his local bakery. One cold winter day, though, Pete arrives early to make the hot chocolate… and the gingerbread people he spent all of yesterday on have gone. Sticky icing footprints trail off the tray. Pete must find what happened to the gingerbread men before Christmas, or he will be too late.

3. Spark by Rachael CrawUnknown-2

” This book ignited some small part of my heart I never knew existed…. The story of Autumn’s rise from the ashes will affect readers for generations to come” – Mr. Nobody

” This book will teach its readers that strength always prevails and a few good friends go a long way.”- Neville Longbottom

” Spark is an original piece of literature… The idea that through our ‘inner fire’ we can overcome the obstacles we face will touch each person who reads it.”- Underdog

” The concept of size not being important is one that every reader will empathise with… Autumn’s strong character, her plights and dilemmas perfectly capture what it is to be bullied.” – Smaug

4. Crank by Ellen Hopkins Unknown

It seemed like your average pool cover… but when Christopher cranked it down, he was shocked. Will this discovery destroy everything he worked for for the last year?  What will become of his ‘The Existence of Magic’ paper? Can he face telling everyone the truth… that maybe he’s been wrong all along?

5. Ink by Amanda Sun13423346

” The ink made it’s way across the paper, exterminating all of Chen’s work. She watched, mesmerised, as it continued its reign of terror. The loss of each word broke her heart, but she was helpless to stop it.”

Growing up in the Cultural Revolution has its pros and cons… mostly cons. Chen, the daughter of wealthy merchants in the city of Guangzhou, has never been allowed to forget that she is being watched, and knows she must submit to Mao’s glorious authority. As one of the only educated people left in the region, she is asked to write a history of her city. When the Reds ask… you can’t say no. But as Chen’s research leads her around the city, she starts to discover secrets. Big secrets. What does she do now?

7 thoughts on “Loony Blurbs

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  2. Amazing post! I haven’t actually read any of these books (I read a lot less than I ought to really!), but if they were to genuinely comply with your short summaries of them, they’d definitely be worth a read. I’m sure you’re not too far off the actual plots of the books – and having to create an entire blurb from a one word title really takes quite some skill!

    Kate x


    1. thanks Kate! Doing this is quite fun. I have some books whose titles are entirely irrelevant- like Life In Outer Space, so these kind of link-ups or tags are really fun! I was kind of pressured by my sister into doing this tag though (but I did want to)


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