Welcome to the Old Kingdom

Welcome to the Old Kingdom. My name is Madriel, and I’m your tour guide today. Before we Cross, let your Charter Marks be tested by a Crossing Point Scout. We wouldn’t want any of you to be Dead in disguise!

So, now we are on the other side of the Wall. Before we board the Paperwings, I have several announcements about safety. First, please stay with the tour group at all times. We won’t be in any dangerous areas, but its best if nobody gets hurt. Second, if you do get chased by a Dead creature, head immediately for running water. If you have any knowledge of Charter Magic, use it to burn your pursuer. And be careful at night in general, for that is when the Dead will rise. Naturally, Madreil tours, inc. claims no responsibility for any of your injuries, deaths or Deaths. Kirael, our pilot is an accomplished mage, so no-one will have any trouble on the flight.

Madriel tours

The first location on our stop is Cloven Crest . This is where Sabriel first fought the forces of Kerrigor. We remember this stone because it is a reminder of the terrible past, and the sacrifices made to heal the Old Kingdom, especially the Sabriel and Touchstones sacrifice.

As you can see, we are now passing over Abhorsens house, and the mighty Ratterlin. Some bad weather is coming up so be prepared for-oooof. Thats alright, we have sick bags in the pockets in front of your seat. This is a good Paperwing and we’ve never had trouble before….ack

Now we are above the beautiful Belisaere. You can see Winding Hook and Boom Point. This magnificent history has an illustrious history, though it was overrun by the Dead in recent years. Luckily, thats all over now, and the waterways that run through this city protect us. We are going to spend two hours exploring, starting in the Sign of Three Lemons where we will be served a complimentary lunch. Well, complimentary for you. I had to pay. There are some rather lovely souvenirs in the marketplace, so feel free to spend some of those silver pieces!

Now everyone, lets just do a headcount before alighting. The final stop on our tour is the Glacier of the Clayr. As well as being a beautiful natural phenomenon, this is also the home of the Clayr. Unfortunately, they don’t tell the future on request, but we can look at the Glacier and finish off the day with a meal in the Lower Refectory. If you see any Clayr, say hello and ask them about their lives. They are all very friendly. Perhaps you have the Sight, and the Nine Day Watch will appear and tell you so…that only happened once however, so don’t get your hopes up. And ma’am, can you try to keep that screeching baby quiet? Follow me, everyone.

So we have come to the end of the tour. I hope you all enjoyed seeing a little piece of the Old Kingdom. The sparkling sea at Belisaere, the whirling Charter marks on the stone at Cloven Crest, the Ratterling falls…the Old Kingdom is a marvellous place. We run special one hour tours from the Wall and some walking tours of the Glacier and Belisaere. Tell your friends about Madriel tours inc, and come back! We’d love to see you again.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Old Kingdom

  1. OOOH. What’s this? Is this a world one of you is writing in? But this sounds fabulous, and I loved the pseudo-tour guide tone; reminds me of the Air New Zealand LOTR ad.


    1. No!!!!!!! it is the extremely amazing Old Kingdom books written by Garth Nix, who is one of my favourite authors ever and you should totally check out by reading Wednesdays post. haha I watched that ad too. it was a little long but hilarious. And yes, I imagine the glacier a lot like new Zealand.


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