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Just Like Fate

By Shar This is a scheduled post, since I’m away for something for school.I read this book in the holidays, but I haven’t finished any books recently so I’m going to review it now.I’ll reply to your comments and everything when I get back Sunday evening. I must say I didn’t like this book… I’ll tell you why

First Impressions: Exactly like Pivot Point except less awesome. EXACTLY, I say, exactly.

My Blurb: Caroline has lived with her grandma since she was 12, since her parents’ fights drove her out of the house. Now she’s dying and Caroline’s future is confusing. How will she live without her anchor? Does she live with her mother and sister Natalie, who she hates? Does she live with her father and his young new wife? Should she move schools? This evening, she’s stuck at the hospice centre with her sister Natalie driving her up the wall, and her best friend Simone has invited her to a party her crush Joel will be at. Should she stay at the centre or go? Her whole future, home, school and boyfriend all hinge on this momentous decision.

imagesThat last sentence was sarcastically dramatic, by the way. I really liked Cat Patrick’s other books, Revived, The Originals, and Forgotten, but this book just didn’t work for me. I think the main reason was because it was so similar to Pivot Point by Kasie West. There were divorced parents. A decision to stay or go was the point of the novel. There were two different love interest (who were kinda similar in terms of the main character’s discoveries about them). But unlike Pivot Point, you didn’t know how Caroline was aware of these two alternate futures. There were no awesome super powers. And the ending-her decision, was pathetic and unsatisfactory. (Her reasons for her decision just make no sense. I know which side I want her to choose, but her choice is just weird, especially when you don’t know how she knew both her futures.) I also just didn’t like Caroline. She wasn’t a really well developed character and spent way too much time deliberating about boys. I didn’t click with this book, but I think if I hadn’t read Pivot Point, I would have enjoyed it more. However, I really did think the setting was well developed. Simone, Natalie, Caroline’s brother and dad and her dad’s wife were all really great characters. There were a few characters who’s presence I didn’t understand-like Aaron (I think that was his name)- even if they were interesting. Altogether, the premise was great, but someone else had thought of it first (Actually, I don’t know which was published first, but I read this second. Semantics.)

Characters: 2/5

Setting: 3/5

Language: 2/5

Plot: 2/5

Total: 2/5

But you should totally read Revived, The Originals, and Forgotten by Cat Patrick. The Program by Suzanne Young is… interesting. It kind of depends on your tastes. Basically: YA depression epidemic.

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4 thoughts on “Just Like Fate

  1. Yes this one really reminded me of Pivot Point as well! Except PP had awesomer sci-fi aspects xD

    Lovely review <33


    1. I want to know which was published first. They were both library books, So I can’t check in the front. *googles* they were published the same year but Just like fate was about six months later. Hmmm..


  2. Ooh, interesting how you split up your ratings into different aspects. That’s really clever. And I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this book — sometimes the premise just isn’t enough to carry through to the entire book.


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