Quotes and words from Jane Eyre

By Shar

Hello people of the Internet! As I believe I mentioned in my previous post, I’m currently reading Jane Eyre(which I consistently misspell). It is full of words I don’t know, and in order to widen all of our vocabularies, I have decided to share some with you. Considering I am only 70-something pages and 5 chapters in, I couldn’t find that many quotes, but I have included some. Also, I have a cold along with pretty much everybody else in my family and at home, which sucks (Challenge: Imagine this entire post in a nasal voice. That’s what I sound like. Shanti wants you to know that next week (her blogging week; if you didn’t know we alternate weeks) will be Garth Nix appreciation week, where she fangirls about all the  stuff he writes.

Curious words from Jane Eyre

Slatternly- describes a girl who is untidy or scruffy

Redolent-  reminds of _____

Truculent- describes someone who is aggressive and quick to argue; maybe blows up at the slightest insult ( off topic but I was playing dungeons and dragons yesterday and one annoying person had this trait. He made another group member insult him as an excuse to try and kill him)

Pelisse- I just googled it and it’s a type of coat/dressy thing, made out of things like silk

Inanition- in this case it’s tiredness from lack of food, but it could also be not having any spiritual or mental vigour, apparently

Preternatural- I’ve heard this before, basically not normal or natural

Fain- ‘gladly’ or ‘will be happy to do in this circumstance’

Animadversion- a critiscism, I like this one, it sounds so fancy

Mullion- a decorative division on a window. Google it for a picture

Expostulation- an ‘expression of protest’ that isn’t quite a rant but rather a lecture






2 thoughts on “Quotes and words from Jane Eyre

    1. Yeah I really liked all these quotes. I had a few others but I didn’t have time for them. The last quote got messed up as i was being hurried to bed- it was supposed to say ‘gave me a sensation as if I had been poisoned’. They were all examples of the lovely language in this book. It was a bit hard getting started, since it was so different to most books I read, but totally worthwhile 😀


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