10 things about twins (or a rant, 2.0)

By Shar

As you may have deduced by stalking our ‘about’ page, Shanti and I are twins. People sometimes make these assumptions about us because we’re twins, and so this is a *helpful* rant about being a my experiences being a twin (or at least Shanti and I, I don’t know if all of this is true for all twins). And (WARNING: TANGENT AHEAD) I’m about 2 chapters into Jane Eyre. It’s quite hard work.

  1. Never call us ‘the twins’. It’s frustrating to be defined by the multiplicity of your birth.
  2. ‘Twinnies’ is even worse. (we seriously had a teacher and grandmother who called us that)
  3. I do hope you can tell us apart. If you can’t, here are some hints: Shanti has shorter hair, a nose piercing, ear piercings, and is taller that me, to start. (Coincidentally, I have longer hair, no piercings, and I am shorter. Hmm.)
  4. You don’t have to say “yes” in jubilation if you get the right name.
  5. If you truly can’t get the right name, then say “Hi,” rather than “Hi, whichever one you are,”
  6. Being a twin is like having a sister or brother who’s your age who’s your age and you’ve spent your entire life with.

    Here's a picture of Shanti and I. Our brother was actually in the middle but I blurred him out since this isn't about him
    Here’s a picture of Shanti and I. Our brother was actually in the middle but I blurred him out since this isn’t about him
  7. No, I don’t cry when Shanti cries. When she hurts her finger, mine doesn’t hurt too.
  8. Just because we live together doesn’t mean we want to do every group project together. In fact, it’s the reason we don’t want to do group projects together.
  9. We have never, ever worn completely matching clothes.
  10. Fun Fact: When we were 12, Shanti and I decide to swap classes for the day (we only had two classes apart and we told those teachers). In science we were getting back our tests, which almost nobody had doe very well on. I was fairly happy I got 81%, being better than everyone else’s, until I realised I had Shanti’s test. I had got 51% (the worst I’ve ever done on a test)

Bonus story: On Tuesday I had a piano lesson with a new teacher. Shanti had had a lesson yesterday. He asked me to tell him about my playing history and I did, and then he was like ‘Wait, are you sure you’re supposed to be here. I had this conversation with you yesterday’ . ‘ that might be my twin sister’ I replied.

Books with twin MC’s ( If you can think of others please leave them in the comments!)

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

Double Act by Jaqueline Wilson (very mg though)


6 thoughts on “10 things about twins (or a rant, 2.0)

  1. Might be an obvious one, but Fangirl by Ranbow Rowell is about twins… I like twins. My mum is one, although her and my uncle ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (physically unidentical and mentally polar opposites – even their birthdays are in different months! (28th Feb and 1st March, if you’re interested. I always felt sorry for my mum on leap years. Imagine being 5 and having to wait a whole EXTRA day between yours & yours brother’s birthdays. How sad!))
    Anyway, I’m new, but I found your facts about being twins very interesting 🙂
    Beth x


    1. It may seem weird, but I really want twins of my own (not right now, of course). That’s fascinating with your mum and brother! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be born on the 28th of february and be technically 1/4 the age of your peers. Did your uncle just have a party on the 1st of march? I can’t believe I forgot Fangirl! Shanti and I have a very similar relationship, I feel. Thanks for commenting, Beth!


  2. Ooh, this post is so cool. I have a little sister who wants to be my twin like anything (you can see that when she starts reading the books I read and loves the bands I do) but it’s sometimes sweet, sometimes annoying. It’s fun when you can fangirl with her too xD

    Lol, Fact #10 is something exactly like out of a book. I can’t believe it actually happened! I love this post ❤

    ~ Nirvana @ Quenching the Quill


    1. Hahaha yeah we fangirl together all the time. Nobody else in my family understands books… except my brother who likes to talk about harry potter with us. If we ever try to have long HP discussions then our parents don’t understand and make us stop. Yeah, being a twin is fun sometimes when you can mess with people 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. First of all, I love that photo – have you heard of the band The Pierces? Reminds me of that aha.

    Anyway, I’m a new reader so I didn’t know you were twins. But, I found this post good nevertheless. Very informative, thank you for sharing c:

    Little Moon Elephant


    1. Now I have to stalk your blog! (I have just finished stalking your about page) I didn’t take that photo- I think it was one of my parents but hahaha thanks (well I’m in it so duh) . And i blurred m brother out (also cropped out my little sister and dad-my mum must have taken it) . You have the most unique smiley i’ve ever seen. i just google the pierces and I can safely say that we look nothing like them. -Shar


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