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Its time to REBEL

A week ago I finished reading Reble by Amy Tinterra. I liked it just as much (or maybe more) as book 1, Reboot. Now you get to hear all my thoughts on it.


If you didn’t already love Wren and Callum, you will now. Rebel by Amy Tinterra featured really strong character building, a typically violent plot and a theme of compassion and forgiveness.

At the end of this book you will definitely understand Wren and Callum better. At the end of ReBoot, Wren was tender towards Callum, but vicious to almost everyone else. She was unsure about leaving HARC, who had cared for her. She was still wary of humans, but she really liked Reboots, and was increasingly startled at the risks that she was taking to help other them. In this book, Wren develops a lot. She becomes more confident around Callum, and more caring of him. Their relationship seems a lot more equal in this book. She is increasingly aware of the value of life, and the value of peoples emotions. She is also willing to take risks to defend these newfound principles, and develops a strong morality, culminating in her trying to save some lives. And she is funny. I always appreciate that in a dystopia.

On Callums part, he begins to understand Wren better. Seeing how gentle he is with her is amazing, and he likes her a lot, actually beginning to feel selfishly about her. He does some violent things, and he has to forgive himself. That journey is pretty interesting too. He is pretty wary of Micah, and like Wren, really struggles with doing what is right. Good and evil are not black and white, or slums and rico, and that is something I love about this book. He will do anything for Wren, but also struggles with forgiving his parents. Plus, Wren and Callum are really sweet together.

It is also good to see the other characters in this book. Addie and Micah are also more complex than is simple, and I really appreciate that Tinterra wrote this book with good secondary characters. The reboots all learn to trust each other… but that isn’t entirely a good idea.

No, the Reboot reservation is not perfect. Most of the Austin Reboots, as they’re called, are willing to fight for their city. The Reboot reservation is typically anti human, and the Austinites are trying to bridge that gap and create reconciliation. Tinterra definitely isn’t afraid to do hard things to her characters, and it really helps them grow. There is violence, and there is death, and best of all the characters acknowledge this. They know the risks, and they make the hard choices to do the right thing. And sometimes the wrong thing.

One of the things that I particularly loved about this book is that compassion and forgiveness are explored and the characters really suffer. They learn. Texas is a violent place, but these reboots aren’t afraid to wreak havoc in the name of justice. They face massive amounts of prejudice, but they continue, and this is really a good book for it.

It is violent. But the characters are superbly written, and it is definitely enjoyable, and the characters are likeable. If you liked Reboot, read this (they definitely need to be read together) but even if you didn’t, if you like books not afraid of complex choices, you might like Rebel.


2 thoughts on “Its time to REBEL

  1. I did like this one!! I feel like I liked Reboot better, but I think that’s because Reboot took me 100% by surprise! I just didn’t expect to fall in love with it like I did. 🙂 Aaaand it was like a year between reading them and I didn’t reread Reboot which I SHOULD HAVE because I forgot who Addie was. #embarrassing. xD hehe. But it was definitely wonderfully written. So sad it’s all over. 😦


    1. Thats the problem with having so many characters… they’re easily forgettable. I have that problem with many books. I like it when you don’t need to remember every single detail from the other book to read the sequel…though JK rowling did it fairly well.
      Yeah, I really hope amy tintera write more books 🙂


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