How to make a bookmark in 6 easy steps

I am a bookmark convert. 1 year ago, I barely used them, finding them annoying and easy to lose, though fun to make. I would just remember my page (or, more likely, flip through the book until I found my place). But I realised that this memorisation and flipping was adding unnecessary stress to my life and wasting time I could be spending reading. So I started using bookmarks, and I love to make them -it takes about ten minutes- and I collect them obsessively (this is because I have run out of people to give them to). The start of school last week gave me the perfect excuse to make a lovely new bookmark that I use in my assigment book/calendar thingy.

So, I’m going to teach all you unintiated newbies to bookmarks how to create glorious…pieces of paper… that you will cherish forever (or until you lose/tear/ eat them)

1. Collect your ingredients




-patterned paper

-(not pictured) decorating pens

2. Cut out the basic shape

The card I was using wasn’t very strong, so I folded it in half. Bookmarks need to fit in books (obviously) so don’t make them too wide or tall. Get a book for reference if necessary, and feel free to round the corners and play with the shape.

3. Select your nice patterned paper

I used two flower prints, and the colours clashed more than I thought that they would , but it still looked pretty nice.

step two
the pattered paper I used is in the background


4. Cut out and glue the patterned paper

Use the bookmark base as a width reference. Choose the shape and details that you want and cut carefully. I used two flower patterns.

5. Decorate with any and all pens at your disposal

Make it shimmer and shine and look interesting.DSC01998

6. You are mostly done!

Its admiring time, and time to put all the stuff away into its rightful place. Enjoy your bookmark, and have fun reading. Some extra ideas : cover the bookmark with wide sellotape so that it is more lasting, punch a hole in the top and add a ribbon, make it double sided… whatever you think will look good.

bookmark in its new home
bookmark in its new home
Warning: This process generates many paper crumbs
Warning: This process generates many paper crumbs (step three)

6 thoughts on “How to make a bookmark in 6 easy steps

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  2. Oh, wow, what beautiful bookmarks!! Awesome guide too! You’d think that me being a massive bookworm, I would have LOTS of bookmarks, but I am in fact a terrible bookmarker. >.> The dog eats them, or they mysteriously DISAPPEAR. (I’m convinced it’s the monster under the bed.)


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