Crafty stuff

By Shar

Hey people! Today I’m gonna do a post about crafty stuff. I really like craft, especially things like card making (and other paper craft), beads, drawing(though I’m not that great at it), and other things too. Tomorrow school starts so I’ll probably be super busy and have less time for posts, but oh well! Also, sorry if this takes too long to load cause of the pictures

These are all really great things to do while listening to audiobooks. I sometimes find it hard to focus on someone talking unless I have something to do with my hands while I’m at it (I like to think this keeps the distractible part of my brain occupied while the focusing part can stay focused.

1. Pattern drawing

tree I drew with spirals
tree I drew with spirals


I find this really great at school, because you can do it basically anywhere and on a notebook and still listen (and also take notes if you have to I guess). Basically, I just start with a random circle or square or something and make lines of various patterns. Spirals, hearts, triangles, lines, I just make it up, and it tends to look really awesome. (This wasn’t my original idea, I have a friend who did it first and I was like ‘hey that’s cool!’ and then started doing it)



2. Beads

the loom I use to make them with bracelets in the foreground
the loom I use to make them with bracelets in the foreground

I like to makes stuff out of beads. We currently have this amazing klutz kit for making bead loom bracelets. I can’t really explain how to do this, except it’s rather time consuming and fiddly but if you do it right then it’s actually quite cool. I still have to finish some, and my first one disintegrated, but I find this very fun.

3. Friendship BraceletsDSC01988

I’ve been able to do this a few times at school, but it’s pretty boring by itself unless you’re talking to someone or listening to an audiobook or music. You can make all these fancy types but I usually just make the diagonal plain ones. You need embroidery thread (about the length

shanti made this
shanti made this

of your arm makes a bracelet about the size of your wrist) . I can’t really explain how to do it

but I found this tutorial (with annoying music) on youtube, which does it a different way but still works.

4. Scoobies

DSC01987I have no idea what these are actually called. I think people in the US call them lanyards? Anyway, I originally heard them called scoobies so I’ll go with that. All you need is this plastic string and they’re relatively easy to make;different patterns are different levels of trickiness. Again, I can’t really explain how to do it, but this tutorial seems good (there’s two parts).


What crafty stuff do you like making? Any interesting projects? Fanart?


8 thoughts on “Crafty stuff

  1. I loooove crafty things, even though I don’t really know that I’m terribly good at it either. 😉 But enjoying it is what counts, right?! I love origami and drawing zentangles (so basically doodling). I’d LOVE to be able to doodle journal covers. It’s my ultimate dream to get good enough so I can. XD


    1. Yeah I really like crafty things. I’m unfortunately too busy normally to do them but it was the holidays (when I wrote this post, I’m in English class right now. yeah procrastination) I love some of the pentangles you’ve posted! They’d be good enough for my journal covers! You should try putting practice journal covers on blank paper then sticking it on if you like it, so there’s no chance to fail! 🙂


    1. That’s so cool! I’ve done needle felting and it’s super fun. I was bonn include it in this post then I was too busy. My problem with scoobies and friendship bracelets is that I don’t know what to do with them. I like making them but then I tend to give them away since I have far too many. I can knit but I don’t but Shanti does. Felt figurines! Tat’s so cool! 🙂


  2. have you ever heard of loom bands? everyone was obsessed at my school. they were essentially really small elastic bands that you could make into bracelets and stuff.


    1. Yes I do. They can be pretty awesome and I know how to make them. I got some from my grandma which but I left it in NZ. They’re pretty cool… At my school everyone was really obsessed with them too and they were littered everywhere which sucked.


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