Reading Breaks (!)

So one of my goals for this year (that I decided on spontaneously some weeks ago) was to not read for twenty-four hours, intentionally, once a month. Last year, I did this once, and so I’ve arbitrarily decided that its going to continue all year.

But WHHHHHHHHHHHHHY? You may be asking. You love reading. You read a lot. You are kind of obsessed with fandoms, and covers (btw did you see the new Ice like Fire cover? I did. Wait, I’m not even sure who I’m addressing anymore) Why would you completely voluntarily choose not to read?

no books!

So, lets explain. Yesterday, I read three (and a half) books. This was because there is nothing else to do when you are sitting on a train all day. These were the Skulduggery Pleasant books. I liked them. They were funny( and I might post a review…we’ll see) I’m going to keep reading the series. But today, I’m not going to read (any novels/ for pleasure or entertainment) at all.

After reading three, admittedly pretty good books three times in a row, the enjoyment saps out of reading. The quips aren’t as funny. The plots seem predictable (I totally knew that that thing with Renn was coming). Another day, another time saving the world. Character ignoring her parents. Character obsessed with magic. Character is a magician, and very very special and funny and brave and talented apparently. I mean, ugh.

And I feel detached from the book. I see the patterns- Valkyrie has to maintain her connection to the world of mortals through her parents, which explains the endings of the first two books. “But how is Landy going to continue this in the next book without being formulaic?” I wonder.  “All this talk with random people about school and the life she’s leading is obviously leading up to something” I predict the plot ” Something  is going to happen to *someone*. ” I ponder “She’s too attached.

In short, reading too much means that I enjoy reading less. I read fast, and sometimes I feel like I don’t full absorb the book. This is why I like to reread. I take reading breaks because they actually make my reading experience better, and I like books more, plus it gives me more time to hang out with people (or the internet. I just got back from Sri Lanka, and there are many, many book reviews to catch up on.)

Do you take reading breaks? Is it a good idea? Do you ever feel like you read too much? Tell us in the comments :)!


4 thoughts on “Reading Breaks (!)

  1. Huh, I’ve never really needed to take a reading break. I read a lot, but since I’m constantly reading new things or different things I tend to be able to enjoy rereads as much as I did the first time, just because I had a chance to roll through a set of other books first. And, sometimes I forget I like to read, and so then natural reading breaks happen in my life. *nods*

    Also, thanks for stopping by Sometimes I’m a Story!


  2. I absolutely agree with what you’ve said here. I read relatively quickly and sometimes I’ve read so many books back-to-back in a short space of time that I am just MEH about picking up something else. I tend to just take a day or so to do other things like catch up on Netflix or blogging and then I start something else. It definitely helps.


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