Miss Peregrine and all that (!!!!!!!)

By Shar I am now quite a few shades darker that my normal skin tone and also painfully sunburnt. It hurts, although it’s kinda my fault. My mum was a bit annoyed about me getting sunburnt, even though I’m suffering for it. Anyway, I’ll try to stop whining. I have a question: Is this too many reviews? I’m doing a lot of reviews because I’ve been reading a lot of books, and also Shanti ordered me too. (She seems to consider herself boss of this blog, becuase it’s her baby or something) Also I don’t have goodreads and I don’t really want it, so where else can I post reviews? I just finished the program by Suzanne Young and am trying to decide if I want to finish Skullduggery Pleasant (because then I’ll have to read the whole series and I don’t know if I’m ready for this. Okay, enough of the ranting.. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs Genre: MG? (I think) fantasy? Themes: death, super powers, time travel, coming-of-age? First impressions: The photos were super cool, and it was weird and creepy in a good way miss peregrine My Summary: Jacob has a mundane life-until one day  his grandfather Abe is viciously murdered by a monster it seems only he can see. Unable to forget the incident or his grandad’s last words, he goes to the island where Abe grew up with his father. At first the children’s home seems like aa fuin, but one day Jacob hears voices and sees a girl in a white dress. He decides to follow her, which leads him to an incredible new world. He’s about to learn that everything he thought about the world and his place in it is very,very wrong. What I liked: The photos, setting, premise, characters, language in narration, romance but not at the forefront and many other things. Jacob was a pretty good character, and so was Emma. What I disliked: not much backstory/lead up for Jacob, so you feel like you don’t know him and it skips over the 9 months after Abe’s death, some of the secondary characters aren’t super well developed.

Favourite characters: MIllard, Emma, Jacob’s dad, Miss Peregrine

Setting: 5/5

Characters: 3/5

A creepy island in Sri Lanka
A creepy island in Sri Lanka

Language: 4/5

lightness: 2/5

Ending: 3/5 (fine but it totally led up to a sequel. I didn’t even know there was a sequel!) Total: 4/5 ( This was a really enjoyable book, if a bit creepy at times.)SPOILER (because I’m trying to use a read more tag and I don’t know if it’ll work, being technologically semi-competent) He finds her and many other peculiar children stuck in a time ‘loop’ in September 3, 1940. They have a series of random powers: being able to float, make plants grow,be invisible or super-strong. It seems the world is bigger and stranger than he imagined and he learns this as he makes friends with Emma, Millard, Hugh, and many others. He finds out he is also peculiar, his talent being able to see the horrible beasts who eat peculairs, known as hollows.

2 thoughts on “Miss Peregrine and all that (!!!!!!!)

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed this one! I didn’t have a wonderful time with it…I felt it was, eh, I don’t know. I thought the tone was dark but the characters seemed immature yet they were like 16 (!!!) but I’m sooo in love with the creeptastic setting. XD I’m glad I read it!

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    1. I guess I see your point even though I enjoyed it. I felt like I didn’t really know Jacob or Emma, even though they were the main characters because there was very little backstory. But the idea of using photos for the book was really original and awesome.


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