9 Things to do with books (apart from read them)

As all of us bookworms know, books are good for a LOT  of things. This post will hopefully show you just how useful they can be (or at least make you laugh)

by Shanti

1. Admire them

DSC01479 DSC01480

Well, Lirael, you are beautiful. I do like how you match my blanket.

2. Use them as a set of stairs.

DSC01481I KNEW that those fat fantasy books were DSC01482good for something. There’s probably some inspirational quote “books are the staircases to your creative potential” or something that I could insert here, but we knew that already.

3. Use them in a knitting photoshoot.

DSC01484Even books like to keep warm. And look, the colours match!

4. Write in (that’s what the blank pages at the end are for, right?)

DSC01485Just kidding! As if I would do that to a book. I love my books far too much to hurt them.

5. Decorate with them

DSC01493‘Hey, this would look nice on the wall.’ All those pretty book covers can do more than adorn your bookshelf. It turns out that they look great when framed, too. Plus, Lirael is a mountainish book. She would match the pictures already up there.

6. Sit on them

DSC01495 DSC01501That looks like the perfect height for a stool! I think I’ll just sit on here and read for a bit (I know it’s hard to tell, but I am sitting on books in the second picture) Also, note the somewhat untidy room in the background.

7. Use as a hat

Shar is the wonderful model.

You’ll be the literal (ha) fashion sensation. Plus, if the party gets boring, you’ll have something to do, AND posture like a princess. Whats not to like?

8. Cook them

DSC01498 DSC01499We all know how delicious books are. Book stew is one of my favourite recipes. This one is flavored with a combination of contemporary and fantasy. Yummy!

9. Admire them some more.

DSC01500You guys are just so good looking. I like you a lot. *Hugs books to self, murmuring “my precious, my precioussssss”*

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done with a book? Tell us in the comments!


8 thoughts on “9 Things to do with books (apart from read them)

  1. COOK WITH THEM, YES. I should do that, actually. I have enough books, I’m sure I can spare one for the pot. And one ofr a hat. I can tie a little string around it (and a bow!) and just be truly fashionable as well as use books for all purposes. You’re a genius.


    1. I know I’m a genius *bows, accepts accolades*
      I’m sure your book hat would look wonderful. I recommend trying a variety of titles to be sure that it matches your outfit. You’re welcome for the advice by the way, lol



    Seriously, I have an unhealthy obsession with admiring books far too much (but then you mentioned) that and inhaling their heavenyl scent. Oh, and photographing them in pretty places for hours on end.

    Fabulous post 🙂


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