2015 Reading goals

So its 2015. Its actually half way through January. But I’m writing this list now. (I can break the rules)

Reading Goals 2015


1. Read 160 books

My goal was 150 last year, and I actually read 200. But I’m erring on the safe side. I might be busy (too busy for books? Yeah right)

2. Read 10 nonfiction books.

I barely read non fiction. But there are lots of things about the real world that I find fascinating. I just have no idea where to look for nonfiction. But I’ll try- Guns, Germs and Steel,and a few others have been suggested to me.

3. Read 5 classic books.

Because most of these are availiable on the public domain, they’re really easy to get. And after reading several retellings and watching Pemberly Digital, I really want to read Emma, Persuasion, and some others. I actually really liked Pride and Predjudice when I read it a while ago.

4. Write 80 book reveiws

I want to get better at reading alertly and writing good book reviews. I think that 80 is a good number to settle for.

5. Random books.

Like picking a book off a shelf and saying” I’ll read this just for the heck of it. Just to see. (I would permit myself to DNF these ones though, if they were terrible. And I’m not entirely sure that I will do this…)

6. 7 books by NZ/ Indian authors.

Because I don’t find enough of these, and I want to. (10 seemed like too many)

7. 2 books of poetry

Poetry is awesome. I really like poetry and I’d love to read some of it. Once again, this is something that I have no idea how to look for, but also something I want to do.

8. And, finally, Only 20 rereads.

Whenever I’m in a reading slump I tend to reread, but I want to branch out some more. I’m not sure if this number is too big or too small (rereads so far this year number three) We’ll see

I am extremely excited to see which wonderful books the year throws my way. I’m prepared with many bookmarks and much enthusiasm, but if I don’t complete this list, thats okay too. You know what they say about rules ( and presumably it applies to goals as well) they’re more like guidelines.



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