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This Shattered Shanti

I ‘m going away for the next week and a half, so this scheduled post about This Shattered World, which I read on my lovely Kobo will hopefully keep you entertained. I highly recommend this book.

This book is not These Broken Stars. But I knew that already. I loved it because the plot kept moving, the characters were great and there was some great themes of forgiveness and understanding of other humans.


This book can really pull off orange

is a soldier. She is fiercely loyal and passionate for her cause. She is a captain, and she helps to train people. Her motivations through the book are clearly explained. I also loved the chapter intermissions of her dreams. It has been a little while since I read TBS, so it took me a bit to get into that, but she was great.
I love that she understands the value of life. There is not enough of that in the speculative fiction books which I read. She values herself and others, and as her understanding of the Fianna changes through her relationship with Flynn, she does the best she can to preserve life. She is still a soldier, and she holds on to the best qualities of a soldier: loyalty, courage, resilience and leadership, even as her worldview shifts. I did feel that she went through much more character development than Flynn, or at least that I understood her more. Flynn just learnt to accept people from the other side whereas Jubilee had to understand her own role in her life and the importance of other people and how to rethink.
is the non-violent part of the Fianna, Irish, resistance on the planet Avon. He kidnaps Jubilee because he wants her to help him invade a secret facility he has found. The rebellion doesn’t seem to have done much since his sister, Orla, was assasinated, instead mooching around in caves. He is the golden boy of the Fianna but distrusts their violent methods. He is pretty nice. He is also very accepting of new ideas (like the wisps). He doesn’t like Tarver.
btw it was so great to have Tarver and Lilac appear in this book. They are obviously getting along fabulously, uncovering intergalatic conspiracies, being epic (but we knew that already)
I liked the way that Avon was set up in this book. the setting felt very real. I guess there was only one town? I would love a long explanation of terraforming at some point, but it would probably take a while.
The plot of this book moved really fast. In the first chapter Jubilee was kidnapped. Then other stuff kept happening, slowly escalating towards the climax, which was a set up that worked pretty well. The one thing is that there were bits of action all over the place -approves- but sometimes these felt like separate events, and it was a little jerky moving between them. The secrecy of the wisps was explained a lot more, though they didn’t really appear (unless you count the Fury) until the latter third of the book.
Themes in this book were great. They worked really well the plot and the intermissions between chapters (which I like more than in TBS) There was the idea of your past being a formative part of you yet also acknowledging that it is not possible to change the past. There was the theme of forgiving others, for killing, for dying, for not being strong enough or not fulfilling your expectations. The idea of finding what is really important :human relationships was there too.
Unlike TBS, This Shattered World is much less of a love story. But as Flynn and Jubilee overcome their differences, they do fall in love-we knew that already- but the important part was them becoming friends. They are pretty adorable, though there weren’t really other important characters. Though this was a whole different animal to These Broken Stars, I loved it anyway, and really will read all and every Starbound book that these authors produce.


3 thoughts on “This Shattered Shanti

  1. I agree with the bit of jerkiness. I liked this one, but I don’t really feel fondly towards it. I LOVED THESE BROKEN STARS SO MUCH MORE. Lilac and Tarver were hilarious….I missed having awesome humour in TSW. And I just wasn’t overly invested in the characters. But pfft, I gave it like 4-stars so I still definitely liked it. XD


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