Books (nebulous and uncreative, I know)

So far this year (it is was the 9th when I wrote it) I have finished 8 books (novel length) and I was halfway through another when it expired, and I have read 7. chapters of another (but that’s homework so it doesn’t count). They are: A corner of white (weird but interesting concept), When We Wake (cryogenics in Australia), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (as good as ever), Solitaire (very contemporary, but rather good), Squire (enjoyable), The Sky is everywhere (quite messed up yet beautiful), Alanna: The first adventure (not very well written at all compared to Squire), Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe (soooo good and fascinating and cute. Gave me a glimpse into the minds of teenage boys.)

irrelevant photo #1- our dog
irrelevant photo #1- our dog

I’m not trying to show off or anything (Shanti reads faster than me) but because it’s the holidays and we were travelling I had nothing else to do for long periods of time.

The thing about books is that they are endlessly entertaining and addicting (to me at least), and I seriously don’t need anything else for entertainment. Since I was 6 or 7 I’ve been able to read proficiently enough to deal with chapter books by myself, easy ones like Rainbow Magic and Roald Dahl. When we were homeschooled, it was our main source of entertainment, and now our parents can’t wait for the day when our youngest sister can read by herself, so instead of spending hours entertaining her, everyone can just lie around reading.

irrelevant photo#2- I nearly biked into this 3 metre long beauty at a national park a few weeks ago
irrelevant photo#2- I nearly biked into this 3 metre long beauty at a national park a few weeks ago

Everyone always says reading is good for you. It is, I suppose. It builds your vocab and improves your writing (although if I try to write just after reading a book, my writing style inadvertently takes on the style of the book I just read) But I digress. Reading is an important skill, introduces you to new concepts and points of view, etc. And it’s better for your mind than endless watching of youtube or a movie because it requires your brain to be engaged. But nevertheless I always feel like reading is a luxury, and there are always better things I could be doing. I could be doing homework, or practicing music, or helping do jobs or looking after my siblings. I think reading’s so easy and fun and amusing for me that I feel like it’s not good for me, and so I always feel guilty about all the things I’m not doing, like writing blog posts. I must be honest about the fact that although I love reading blogs I prefer reading novels to writing posts. I just have to work out how to not feel guilty about reading, and remind myself that it’s a perfectly valuable thing to do, not just fun. And now I have to get back to my book…

Irrelevant photo#3- it snowed 2 days ago! then it melted.
Irrelevant photo#3- it snowed 2 days ago! then it melted.

Should I feel guilty about the absurd amounts of time I spend reading? What other things does reading do? What should I read next?


2 thoughts on “Books (nebulous and uncreative, I know)

  1. Oh oh I relate to this a LOT. I always feel guilty reading. I homeschooled, so reading was like a HUGE part of my school work…but whenever I ditched to read a book for pleasure I really felt like I was wasting time. >.> I actually feel oppoiste, sometimes, and feel like I blog too much and don’t read enough. AWK. I think you’re fast reader! I’ve read 6 books this year and a few graphic novels. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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    1. Yeah I homeschooled too until I was 10 and I spent a lot of time reading. You did Sonlight, right? we didn’t but I know quite a few people who do. Did your whole family homeschool? When I have school though, i don’t read so much. i wish reading was a bigger part of my school work now. It’s always my favourite type of homework anyway. BTW Shanti and I like doing tags. Anyway, thanks for commenting 😀


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