‘Tis the Season of Rereading : Scarlet and “The Murder of 1909 “

I finished reading Scarlet (for the third time!) yesterday,and you will hear all my impressions. However, first there is something else that I reread recently. The Murder of 1909 was a story I wrote for some school project when I was 11, and I found it the other day, and cracked up laughing. I didn’t believe in normal names, so we have Marthew, and Alades Dand, and Led Veil, and Elda.

These are some quotes from this masterful piece of litreature.

“And as a legitimate plan for getting out of debt formulated in her brain, the murder recipe boiled in a corner too, slowly cooking the ingredients into a magnificent stew”

Apparently I though that all murderers were deeply in debt.

” In the early dawn light the white and gold house looked slightly ghostly. The wrought iron fence, with the gate barely distinguishable from the rest of it, added to the eerie effect. The fine grain oak, set at the top af a pale cream staircase, looked royal despite the chipped varnish”

This goes on for five more sentences. Way to tell not show, it is almost Lotr worthy.

“Though now passed something awful had happened to her and left a permanent mark.”

I was a  very melodramatic child.

“Both Led and Elda gave up on men but remained good friends for the rest of their lives.”

There was also a historical inacuuracy in this story, but there is no way I’m pointing that out. It was pretty hilarious though


Upon rereading, what really strikes me about Scarlet is the beautiful setting and the realistic portrayal of relationships.

I really like the way that Cinder and Thorne interact, with jibes and jokes and teasing. Iko is also amazing. She is pretty much written as a human, and her struggles with being an autocontrol system and an android are very sweet. It is also amazing how Marissa Meyer maintains tension between Kai and Cinder while they don’t see each other. The multiple perspectives in this book work really well and help me to understand the characters. The only time when I got confused was the time in Paris.

Scarlet and Wolf are especially adorable. It isn’t quite instalove, even though they do get together fairly quickly (though the book itself takes place over a time span of less than a week) Scarlet is a really strong female character, and it is very interesting seeing how Cinder and her look at each other. I’m really looking foward to seeing them all in Winter. Scarlet has a gun and shes not afraid to use it, but she doesn’t want anyone killed. Like Wolf, she is fiercely loyal, especially to her granfather. I would like to have seen more about her mother and how her relationship with Luc changed, because that is obviously a very important part of her. She is quick, though reluctant, to trust Wolf, and it is amazing, knowing the plot twists, to see how she changes Wolf. Wolf is also great, though not explained as much. I really liked hearing more from him in Cress.

For a book to be worth rereading, the characters have to be very strong, and Marissa Meyer creates very interesting, complex characters, who have visible flaws (like Wolfs violence or how Cinder enjoys exploiting her power) and work together to fight them.

I also really liked the settings. I have been to the southern France (though not to a farm) and the setting, mentioned through little details (shown not told is something that I am increasingly appreciating) is tangible. I also loved seeing the inside of the Rampion which is a very awesome spaceship. (honourable mention to the relationship between Thorne and the ship by the way). Kai’s office, with its stifling glitter, is also a beautiful metaphor for how he feels about his role as emperor.

I still love this book for how realistic the people are, the beautiful settings, the engaging plot, and impeccable detail. I am definitely going to preorder Fairest.

3 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season of Rereading : Scarlet and “The Murder of 1909 “

  1. I LOVE SCARLET. I’ve only read it once, but I love love it so much. I think it’s my favourite of the 3 so far….ohhh FAIREST COMES SOON. ^_^ I am so excited for all the Marissa Meyer awesome that is coming in 2015.

    I wrote really melodramatic stories when I was little too. Or else ludicrous ones. When I was 12 I wrote a story about a dog called Chops. -_- Like, seriously? Saaaadness, Cait, sadness.


    1. Yeah I wanna read Fairest but I wanted Winter more. I think Cinder was my favourite. Scarlet was Shanti’s favourite too. (BTW Shanti wrote this but I’m commenting, I’ll make her put her names on posts it’s confusing) For the same project I wrote a terrible story called Ariana and Ab’s adventure. It was just terrible. Poor Chops! sounds like a cute story though.


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