The Blood of Olympus

This review is spoiler free. You better read Blood of Olympus (though I recommend reading all 4 previous books or, better, the whole Percy Jackson series as well first) but if you haven’t (yet) you’re welcome. I recently bought the Blood of Olympus for my brother. Hours after purchasing, I found out he had already read it. I still gave it to him, but I read it first. I think it was the perfect ending to a wonderful series Basic plot summary: The 7 are travelling to Greece for the final battle as Gaia raises the giants. They encounter lots of obstacles in the form of storms, gods, or monsters on the way. Time is running out as they keep being detained, and they still have no plan against a seemingly invincible enemy as well as all her giants. Meanwhile, Reyna, Nico, and Coach Hedge struggle to return the Athena Parthenos to halt the impending Greek-Roman battle. The gods remain out of action, conflicted by their Greek and Roman sides. What was new: The book included third-person narration from the viewpoints of Nico and Reyna, with no narration by Percy, Annabeth, Frank, or Hazel (I think, don’t quote me on that). There were references to pop culture that there weren’t before. There was more emotional moments, especially between couples,  and more side characters than  in the previous books, and far more insurmountable odds. But aside from that there was all the classic Riordan combination of mythology, humour, epic battles, and incredible friendship. What I liked: I liked the whole concept of cooperation between Greeks and Romans as the only way to conquer Gaia. I liked the extremely complicated plan they end up making to defeat Gaia and the giants.It was great that I got to see some of Reyna and Nico’s point of view, and find out more about Reyna’s backstory. I enjoyed Riordan’s trademark humour and witty dialogue and also the friendship between Annabeth, Hazel, and Piper.The plot was pretty sound and I think it tied off most of the loose ends pretty well, except that I would have LOVED just a few more chapters.

it only looks like it's floating, I was holding it
it only looks like it’s floating, I was holding it

What I disliked: The viewpoints kept changing just when things were getting interesting, which really annoyed me. Also, I would have liked to hear from Annabeth, Hazel, or Frank. This was probably my fault, but I haven’t read the series since the last book, so I couldn’t remember why Gaia was bad in the first place.  Also, the promise Jason made to a god at one point seemed so similar to what Percy did at the end of the the Last Olympian- maybe that was on purpose though, to bring the series around full circle and remind readers of what happened in the previous series. The way the giants were defeated seemed a bit obvious as well. Overall: This was a really well written book and everybody should read it, at least if you want to know what happens to all your favourite characters. It has all the humour, assimilated and adapted mythology, engaging dialogue and what you should expect from Riordan. It wasn’t perfect, but  I really had to search to find too many things that were bad about it. It was a sound ending to a terrific series, and as usual, the mythology was seamlessly incorporated into the plot line to make an almost educational but thoroughly enjoyable work of fiction.

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