The end. (introducing the amazing Rose)

So I’ve spent the last five months living with Rose (and her family) . She has been an excellent person to live with. She isn’t concerned when I moan about whatever characters in my book are making dumb decisions. She accepts the books that I reccomend to her (read:thrust forcefully in her direction). She puts up with my library issues (like carrying loads of books) And she in turn, introduced me to Downton Abbey and provides someone to fangirl with. I think she’s going to talk about the last five months and how amazing I am (obviously) and possibly books too. Have fun!

It’s been a busy 5 months, but immensely fun. I can’t really remember what its been like without Shanti being here, and yes, that is a good thing. Unfortunately, that also means that i’ll miss her that much more when she’s gone.

So one the main books that I have to thank her for, are definitely the Lunar Chronicles. They had a spectacular storyline, and it didn’t at all feel as if the original fairytales were being ripped off. It took a few chapters to really draw me in, but after that, the fascinating points of views and the enthralling characters did a fabulous job of telling the story. Much to Shanti’s despair, I am yet to read the Old Kingdom series. Eventually i’ll read it, but until then, it is an endless enjoyment to watch Shanti dissolve into shrieks, and general fangirling over the latest novel and the prettiest cover. There are many other great novels that I’ve read because of her, among them Cruel Beauty, A Brief History of Montmaray, and Adaptation.

I’ve also done heaps of cool stuff with her and Shar. Things such as going to the museum to see the World of Wearable Art, going to bookstores, into town, the library (lots). I do these things without them, just not very often, and they are so much more exciting with them. Another thing we did was go to a bach in Waihi with some friends for several days without adults(!). Their crazy adventurousness meant there was never a dull moment. From putting ice cubes down shirts to eating cold pasta to swimming at night, it was a great time, and a memory that I will hold dear. Another thing that I enjoyed doing was teaching Shanti to wakeboard at our bach in Mahurangi. Despite the chilly water and unfortunate high tide time, she mastered the art pretty quickly, much to our excitement.

DSC00520 DSC00747 DSC00715 DSC00486 DSC00202

The 5 months have gone far to quickly, without Shanti and Shar, who will I marathon Miranda with? Who will I scream over the latest development in Downton Abbey with? Who will give me Excellent book recommendations? Who will I have meaningful discussions with just as we think of it in bed? Who will be my friend and sister and fashion consultant? So in conclusion, you guys aren’t allowed to leave. Or I’ll just have to move to India.

Oh Rose… That was utterly brilliant. Thank you so much. I am going to miss you like crazy too. Moving to India seems to be the only possible solution for both of us.

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