‘Bout this blogger(s)

My favourite book blog, Paper Fury, just shifted addresses. To celebrate, and get the word out, Cait created this tag, so you can find out about me (and Shar, who is currently on horse camp). Shar wanted us to do this together, but it has been a busy week, and that isn’t going to cease for a while. (like, international travel a while). So, I am going to do this now, and Shar can add her (probably sarcastic) thoughts later.

1. Why did I start blogging?

About a year ago, I joined goodreads. I started to see all of the fandoms and excitement that surrounds books (not that I didn’t know about it already, but that other people who weren’t me actually cared too). Funnily enough, I didn’t actually read book blogs until I started blogging, but I did watch booktube. I wanted a place to fangirl, and Shar and I were doing an exchangeish thing in New Zealand, so we finally got around to it and made Weaving Waves Words.

2. Whats the story behind your blogs name?

Shar and I (well, mostly me) had a LOT of names ideas, but they were all taken, or wordpress wouldn’t let us or something. It was irritating. Anyway, we didn’t want to procrastinate any further, so we made this name on the spot (I realise that it sounds slightly odd in retrospect, but it could be a lot worse). It might change if we ever get sick of it though.

3. How many blog designs have you been through since you started blogging?

I started blogging six months ago, so just this one. I would like to play around with some more, but this one does work well, so I’m happy with it.

4. Have you ever switched blog platforms? What made you change? If you haven’t, why?

Shar and I thought quite a bit about blogger vs. tumblr vs. wordpress. And somewhere in the archives of the internet there is a google site called shanti or something, which was a Year 8 computer class project. I actually don’t know where it is anymore.

Anyway, we decided on wordpress because our cousin Abi had started a blog with all her pictures and we liked the design, and somewhere I had heard that blogger was a nuisance, and tumblr wasn’t quite what we wanted (weird reasons, I know)

5. How long does it take you to write a post? What’s your postly process like? 

About half an hour for the actual words. I usually plan posts in my head beforehand, so I know approximately what I’m going to write about  (its actually a great way to get to sleep). And if I’m taking the pictures my self, I usually know what I want them to look like. Book reviews take a bit longer, because I tend to flick back and forth to goodreads while I write, and there are MANY distractions. In fact, I use my computer (which is currently broken, but it will hopefully get fixed) for entertainment so much that I have trouble doing schoolwork on it now unless I close EVERY  other tab, though luckily this isn’t a problem for blogging, because I quite enjoy it. I don’t really edit… maybe I should

6. Have you ever been super nervous about a post? Why? What was it?

Not really. I didn’t feel too confident about our Mockingjay post, because there are very varying opinions on the movie, and whenever I post book reviews (which isn’t actually that often) I feel like they’re all over the plac. (though actually I feel all over the place all the time)

7. Do you have a blogging schedule?

Well, up until now Shar and I have alternated one post a week, because these last six months were a little experimental. However, I’m pretty sure that we will do more posts next year. I am actually thinking about doing BEDA, because that would be fun (its also close to exams-even better). So, maybe there will be a blogging schedule next year.

8. Do you tell people In-Real-Life about your blog?

Sometimes. I have several friends (who live in other countries) who read it. Our parents know. My friend Rose, who I live with, knows (and there may be some exciting Rose related post later today or tomorrow). My parents told all their friends about it (which is slightly irritating, because I know that my dad doesn’t read this himself, and my mum only just worked out how to subscribe. But that’s okay) I only really tell close friends, but I think Shar put it on Facebook once.

9. Top ten blogs you read/comment on the most? Go!

I don’t read that many blogs, but I do booktube a little as well…

  1. Paper Fury 
  2. The Loony Teen Writer
  3. Ariel Bissett (booktube)
  4. Poland Bananas Books (booktube)
  5. A Book Utopia (booktube)

I also watch Jesse the Reader and read the Midnight Garden and Diary of a Teen Writer sometimes…

10. If you could change things/ improve things about your blog, what would they be?

Post more often, more book reviews, less Shar (just kidding), more photography and short stories perhaps? More editing, less all over the place. Get better at pictures. Learn how to insert gifs (or actually, finding them might be a start). More exciting things… there’s a lot. Eventually I will work it out (or Shar will. She always has good ideas…well sometimes at least)

Thats it! And now you know all about how Weavingwaveswords started. Congratulations for moving blogs, Cait !


2 thoughts on “‘Bout this blogger(s)

  1. THIS WAS SO AWESOME TO READ!! And you’ve only been blogging for 6 months?! You are incredible bloggers for only having just started! (Seriously never ever go into my archives….I was the most awful blogger of the world even after like 1.5 years. lol!) XD
    Reviews make me nervous too. Like even today I just posted a super-negative review about a book that really made me angry but I’m still SCARED of it because I know other people will like it. Mostly I feel, with reviews, that “it’s me not the book”, but I still want to put my opinion out there. It’s nerve-wracking for sure. *nods*
    Thanks so much for linking up and spreading the word!! *tackle hugs* afjdsklaf I am so honoured to be on your list of much-read blogs!!


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