Mockingjay, Part One: A Conversation

Mockingjay Part One came out. Shar and I watched it. We’re going to tell you how we felt.

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Shanti : First off, I am going to say that hearing Shar whimper “Finnick” for two hours was horrible. I had to remind her what happens to him. (SPOILER REDACTED)

Shar: Thanks. It’s been ages since I read it! Why would I remember the details? And he’s just so hot and nice!

Shanti : (I have a tendency to spoil people, and Shar gets the worst of it) Shar, you have to say that he’s pretty sad in this movie.However, when he was talking in the roses…MY HEART JUST DIED. The guy is a great actor and i was so happy when…something happened at the end of the movie.

Shar:vYeah that was so cute. I was happy for him. And JLaw did a really good job of being conflicted. The love triangle was even more love triangle-y than the books, if that possible. She showed it really well. And you spoil so much. Like today. Good thing I was only half listening but I’ll try not to think about it. Echoes of Us just won’t be the same for me anymore!

Shanti : You totally deserved it Should I hit you over the head with Dreams of Gods and Monsters (600 + pages)? Yeah, Katniss did a great job portraying someone who had been through so much. Even though she didn’t mean to become the Mockingjay, she is a profoundly real and in-the-moment character. It was pretty funny when she was struggling to act for propaganda. I loved the way that the propaganda videos worked within the context of the story. Sadly, they WERE the story. At least some good side characters made up for it. (Cressida’s hair…. I LOVE IT)

Shar: Yes, it was really a ‘two hour advertisement for the next movie’ and clearly just a ploy to make more money. Harry Potter, Twilight, Divergent (maybe), the Hobbit, all the franchises do it. I guess you just have to accept it but like you said before, there wasn’t much of a substantial plot to make two movies.

Shanti: Yeah, that was where this movie fell apart. It was mostly setting up scenes. There were some very moving scenes, and violence (why i need people to come with me to the movies: cuddles and telling me when to open my eyes). The violence was not sanitised in any way, nor really legitimised. But a clear us and them developed in this movie. They are bad, and its okay if  they die But the suits of the stormtroopers PeaceKeepers, removed them of their humanity along with their faces, and, while that is in the book, the role of violence is hugely against my beliefs. (Reasons 1-99 of why I love Echoes of Us by Kat Zhang. You should read it)

Shar: Shut up about it already! Yeah, I hated the violence too. But it wasn’t a complete us and them. Snow totally treats Katniss so nicely,like she’s his niece or granddaughter or something, even as he bombs the resistance or forces Peeta to give out propaganda. It’s like he can’t decide. And yes, they are exactly like stormtroopers. Just make them look different or call them that already!

Shanti: Snow  does really like Katniss. I think that its because she was the first one he couldn’t control, and he has no idea what she will do next. I said this already, but I love the side characters in this movie. Effie (it took me a few minutes to work out who she was) is hilarious. The actor who plays Coin totally understands where she is coming from, and is really amazing. Buttercup is perfectly grumpy. Cressida is awesome, like one would expect with that haircut. And all of the camera crew are brilliant. Also, Beetee is very epic. And Prim. She is much less innocent in this movie, but she takes responsibility and is compassionate and kind. I love that about Willow Shields. She is an excellent actor. I love the scenes that this movie sets up actually. the plot just didn’t quite hold together. However, all actors (at least those given names) do add quality to the film. It just needs quantity. Plot quantity.

Shar: Yes. It’s interesting how they did that. But it did give them time to establish a lot of things that they didn’t with the first movie- which was silly, if you ask me. There were some really cool shots of the District 13- which was really done well. The set was so good. And District 12- just some kind of dystopian landscape, ages, skeletons. It was really cool. But after a while the amazing set became like Tolkien’s descriptive passages- just over the top and boring. I found myself identifying all the film techniques from english class after a while- zoom in, fade, close up, dialogue, tracking shot, pan, diagetic sound, oh look, something’s happening. I guess the characters, set, and things were filling in for the lack of plot, which made it a mostly enjoyable 2-hour advertisement. They emphasised some events more that i don’t remember being important in the book, but that was a long time ago.

Shanti:  Now who’s paragraphs are long? My conclusion: the actors are amazing. The film is telling a heart breaking story and does it well. However, the breaking part of heart break means that this movie is overly long and mostly establishes the next movie. It does not stand on its’ own. It would be good if I could see both (movies) at once.

Shar:Anyway, I liked it, it was okay and all that stuff. I gasped a lot and I just can’t decide if I love Gale, Finnick or Peeta more. Afterward someone asked us if we heard the crying in the theatre, and we hadn’t but then wondered if that was us, even though we weren’t crying, because it was very exciting.I hated the violence. I would give it 3 1/2 stars.


5 thoughts on “Mockingjay, Part One: A Conversation

  1. I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THIS MOVIE SO SO MUCH. AHHHH!!! *heaps all the stars upon Mockingjay* I adored all the actors but I missed having Peeta around. But when he was hijacked, omg, he looked so so bad. 0.0 It was terrifying. And the torture chamber? Even though they only walked through it, that part totally freaked. me. out. Snow felt scarier in this one which was good. I’m so super glad there will be two movies. MORE HUNGER GAMES is all I can say. XD Oh but all the people who like sacrificed themselves….gah. That was so sad. It was the saddest movie yet. :(( Although I think Catching Fire is still my favourite.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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    1. Yeah. The ending was just ahhhhhhh I felt so bad and I had no idea what to do. I think the actors have got better since the first movie… but like you I think catching fire was better because more action less dark and deppresingness 😦 and I LOVED the wedding dress/mocking jay outfit in that movie. Oh, Cinna…. don’t get me started. Katniss didn’t seem to spend much time thinking about all the people who died for the hope for a new government she’d given them as the mocking jay, she was too busy having love triangle and other issues. Thanks for commenting! love your blog 🙂


  2. Thanks for not letting me edit this (I know the thing was giving me problems, and I was ordering you around, so its partly my fault….) I just HATE typos. Especially when I commit them.


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